What have you got?

It's a ramshackle collection of different parts - but I guess each tells a story of my coffee journey so far...

Coffee Subscription UK Member Equipment Nick

Why do you love it?

Origami porcelain filters. They're beautiful and the colour makes me smile in the morning. The Kalita and V60 have been with me for years and they are like old friends.

Aeropress. What can you say - essential! Simply the best for home and drinking coffee on the road.

Insulated coffee press. I have smashed all of my posh glassware over the years (harios, chemex, etc etc) and this metal coffee plunger ain't pretty but it doesn't break and all the pour overs (kalita/v60/origami) fit perfectly on top. It also keeps my wife's coffee nice and hot so we can share a cup every morning.

Grinder. I ditched my espresso machine a few years ago and kept this beast! A Mahlkonig K30 Vario Air. It's way over the top - but I love the machine! I've adjusted the burrs so the grind is coarser and works for pour over.

Gooseneck kettle. I bought it while travelling in the USA and it nearly blew up when I put it through a UK adapter back home. Now it's just used for pouring hot water for drip coffee. I've used it several times a day over many years.

Krueve sifters. Do they improve pour over coffee experience? YES! Is it worth the hassle? :)

What would you change?

If I could change anything it would be to have the best possible grinder for filter coffee on earth. What would that be? EK43? 

Anything else?

Enjoying the D&H coffee subscription!

Dave Morgan