Welcome to the December edition of the Dog and Hat Dialled In Coffee Subscription. 

We are returning to Europe for one last time this year before Brexit bites and we take a mini break from imports while things settle down.

We also have a new UK roaster joining us alongside two returning favourites from opposite ends of the country.

Please click the link to see the December Dialled In subscription coffee in more detail.

Goat Story - Ljubljana, Slovenia 

Another roaster that got in touch with us during lockdown earlier in the year was Goat Story from Ljubljana in Solvenia.  Now, Dave has a natural affection for Ljubljana after a fleeting visit as he tried to get home from a trip to Croatia when his flight was cancelled and had to cross European borders travelling on a sleeper train... so it was no-brainer for us to bring them in.

We did have a tough choice to make though based on the samples that they sent over but in the end our natural fondness for Burundi as an origin came through and we have gone with their 83.25 scoring Burundi Rubanda washed coffee with notes of Cherry, Raisin and Coffee Blossom.

Goat Story are an omni-roast house and all our subscribers will be receiving this coffee.

Pharmacie Coffee - Hove, England

Another place that Dave has a lot of love for (as he was born and bread in Sussex) is Hove... and if you talk about coffee and Hove then Tash and Carola at Pharmacie should be the first names that come to mind and theirs was also one of the first roastery's that we visited when we started way back in 2017.

It's great to be able showcase them again in the subscription this month and they have a couple of crackers for us (including something a little unusual)

First up is an Espresso-roast Rwanda from Jean Paul Tumwamini Ndamwemera's farm near the Liza washing station with notes of Plum Wine and Blackcurrant.  All our Espresso and Assorted members will be receiving this coffee.

Next up is their more unusual offering and it's another new origin (which is always an exciting time for us) - Zambia.  This Carbonic Maceration (Anaerobic fermentation) coffee from the Kateshi processing mill comes with notes of Sweet Cherry Liquer and Raspberry Jam.  All our Filter members will be receiving this coffee.

Black Cat Coffee - Norfolk

New to the subscription is Black Cat Coffee over in rural Norfolk.  David's coffee has been receiving rave reviews over at the CoffeeForums UK website and we tried to include him earlier in the year with his Pineapple Candy coffee (but there just wasn't enough for us).

Luckily we kept in touch and managed to get hold of pretty much his entire stash of his new crop 'Sweet Valley' Colombia Natural process from the renowned Granja La Esperanza farm.

This is an omni-roast coffee with notes of Cane Sugar, Dried Berries and Vanilla and all our 3 and 4 bag members will be receiving it.

Red Bank - Coniston, Lake District

We love what Tom over at Red Bank has been doing over in The Lakes for many years now and 18months ago he kindly stepped in with a last minute replacement coffee when we hit a supplier problem.  So we are thrilled to be able to bring him back in this month (along with his fantastic new packaging).

The coffee we have selected is from another more unusual origin for us - Mexico.  It is an omni-roast coffee and has a nice acidity with notes of Raspberry and Golden Syrup - all our 4 bag subscribers will be receiving this coffee to enjoy. 

Dialled In Traditional

Our subscribers on the Traditional subscription this month will be receiving a single origin 'Toucan' from the Cerrado Mineiro region of Brazil roasted for us by Goat Story with notes of Caramel, Dark Chocolate and Nuts.

Alongside that we have a single origin Guatemala 'Todosantarita' from Black Cat Coffee with notes of Stewed Fruits, Milk Chocolate and Cream.

Dialled In Decaf

For our Decaf subscribers we have a Brazil CO2 decaf from Goat Story and a Colombia E.A. Decaf from Black Cat Coffee.

Dave Morgan