Welcome to another month on the Dog and Hat Dialled In Coffee Subscription.  This month we once again return to the continent to bring you a lesser known but awesome European Roaster alongside 3 returning favourites joining us again from the UK.

Please click the link to see the November Dialled In subscription coffee in more detail.

Father's Coffee - Czech Republic

During lockdown, we were contacted by quite a lot of roasters from all over the world to see if we would like to feature them in the Dialled In subscription.  We obviously can't include everyone, but one roaster that we really liked the sound of was Father's - they reminded so much of ourselves with the tagline "Dad roasts honestly, Mom tastes passionately and the growing kids looking on enthusiastically"... although their kids on the packaging seemed particularly well behaved :-)

We got in touch with Dad / Roaster Petr and he was kind enough to then send us an absolute Aladdin's cave of amazing samples to try including some wonderful experimental Indonesia lots.  Unfortunately those weren't around by the time we were ready to bring them into the subscription and instead we have been waiting patiently for the coffee that we have selected to land from origin.

We are so excited to announce that the coffee we've selected from Father's this month is their Ethiopia Chelbesa Natural process from the Gedeo region with floral notes of Mango and Peach.

Father's produce separate Filter and Espresso profiles and all our Filter and Assorted members will be receiving their Filter roast with our Espresso members receiving the Espresso roast.

Grumpy Mule - Holmfirth, Yorkshire

One of the standout coffees on the subscription last year was a Panama natural process coffee roasted for us by Grumpy Mule here in Yorkshire.  We loved this coffee for a number of reasons - 1) It was our first Panama coffee 2) It was from an award winning producer and 3) The fact it was roasted by Grumpy Mule confused and surprised people in equal measure.... "surely they just do those big orange bags in the supermarket?".  Well, if that's what you're thinking too, be prepared to have your perceptions challenged... as Grumpy Mule actually get their hands on some of the best coffee lots available in the world and are often seen competing on the world stage at SCA competitions.

This month we return to their roastery in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire to feature another truly standout coffee in the subscription.  Say hello to this Guatemala natural process coffee from Finca Santa Paula farm in the Coban region.

Dave Jameson, their Coffee Programme Manager (and multiple winner of UK SCA competitions) described the tasting notes of this coffee as - and I quote - "A  Full-bodied, Sweet and Funky Wild Strawberry Extravaganza"... what's not to love?

This coffee is an omni-roast and will work nicely across all brew methods and all subscribers will be receiving it.

Chipp Coffee - Leeds, Yorkshire

This year, just as the Covid-19 lockdown hit, we were in the process of including another highly praised coffee - The Brazil Anaerobic Natural process from Fazenda Cetec roasted for us by Zach Chipp in Leeds.

We have certain roasters that know we can go to when we decide on a particular brief for a subscription coffee.  For us, Zach has a reputation for finding the unusual / exotic and our Bag 3 coffee this month is certainly that.

Indian coffee has never really had the best reputation over the years and has mainly been found in blends due to it's rich and heavy body.  However, for the subscription this month Zach has got hold of something rather special - An 'exclusive to us' Anaerobic natural processed (48 hour fermented) coffee from the Ratnagiri farm in Southern India.  This coffee will certainly challenge your perception of Indian coffee with notes of Wine Gums, Maple Syrup and Nutmeg.

It is an omni-roasted coffee and all our 3 and 4 bag members will be receiving it.

Gentlemen Baristas - London

Over the past couple of month's the subscription has been quite heavily leaning towards washed coffees (as can sometimes happen when roasters are waiting for particular coffee lots to arrive from origin).  This month however, the majority of the coffees are natural processed and so to balance out the subscription we are revisiting our old friends down at Gentlemen Baristas in London.

Henry and his team (including new head roaster Roosa from Finland) have sourced us a lovely 86 point scoring washed coffee from the La Bastilla Estate in the Jinotega region of Nicaragua.

This clean and sweet coffee comes with notes of Apricot Jam, Shortbread and Caramel.

All our 4 bag subscribers will be receiving this omni-roast coffee to enjoy. 

Dialled In Traditional

Our subscribers on the Traditional subscription this month will be receiving a single origin from the Cerrado Mineiro region of Brazil roasted for us by Father's Coffee with notes of Biscuit, Pecan and Cacao Nibs.

Alongside that we have the Deerstalker Blend from Gentlemen Baristas with notes of Dark Chocolate and Brazil Nuts.

Dialled In Decaf

For our Decaf subscribers we have a pair of Colombia coffees but with different decaf processes provided to us by Chipp Coffee and Gentlemen Baristas.

Dave Morgan