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Welcome to the latest selection of Dialled In coffee for you to enjoy over the festive period.

Once again, our festive selection has a distinctly Yorkshire feel to it as we look forward to our annual trip around the local roasteries to wish them a merry Christmas and pick up the coffee.

We have two new roasters joining us this month - Dark Woods and Bean Brothers both from the Huddersfield area in West Yorkshire - who are joining returning favourites North Star in Leeds and Heart and Graft in Manchester.

Remember, if there's a coffee that you aren't getting in your subscription but like the look of (or if you just want more of a coffee that you are getting), you can simply add them onto your subscription as an extra bag in the members area.

North Star

It's always great to bring Hols and Krag from North Star back into the subs and they are fast becoming a real festive feature for us here at Dog and Hat.  This year they are providing two coffees for us.

First up is a coffee that is sure to go down well with our members and any guests you may have over the holidays - it's a washed Colombia with notes of Chocolate and Red Apple.  All our filter and espresso members will be receiving this omni-roast coffee, which works beautifully across espresso and filter brewing methods.

They are also roasting up their boozy, fruity Christmas Blend and all our Assorted members will be receiving this coffee that works really well on espresso, French press and Aeropress 

Dark Woods

We've been hoping to work with Dark Woods for quite some time now, mainly because their Under Milk Wood blend is one of the very best coffee shop blends around.  We couldn't think of a better time to bring them in and they too are providing two cracking coffees for the festive period.

First coffee up is a 'big bean' extravaganza in the shape of their filter-roast El Salvador honey-processed Pacamara.  This come comes at you full of big chocolate and plum notes, which is sure to make it another festive crowd pleasure.  All our Filter and Assorted members will be getting this coffee.

Next we have the coffee that started our love of Dark Woods, the Under Milk Wood espresso blend itself - big, sweet, fruit and nut in cup.  All our espresso members will be receiving this coffee.

Bean Brothers

As we like to include Yorkshire roasters at this time of a year, we spend a lot of time scouring the length and breadth of the county for the best roasters around.

The guys at Bean Brothers have really stepped up and are bringing a really interesting, washed Tanzania coffee to the party - it's a spicy coffee with stone fruit and chocolate notes.

All our 3 and 4 bag members will be receiving this omni-roast coffee.

Heart and Graft

Now, we know Heart and Graft aren't in Yorkshire, but logistically it worked out really well and the coffee they are providing is truly the taste of Christmas.

This is only the 2nd time in 28 editions that we've repeated a coffee, but bringing the Miriam Perez natural Honduras back in now just made complete sense with it's notes of Mulled Wine and Rum and Raisin.  All our 4 bag members will be receiving this omni-roast coffee.

Dialled In Dark(er)

The Dialled In Dark(er) members this month will be getting the dream pair of North Star's Christmas Blend and Dark Wood's Under Milk Wood.

Dialled In Decaf

For our decaf subscribers we have a Honduras Swiss Water decaf from Dark Woods and North Star's Rwanda CO2 decaf.

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