Happy New Year and welcome to 2021 - we were hoping that this year would provide a bit more normality for everyone, but it looks like we have a bit more time to wait for that.

This month we are bringing a new roaster into the subscription - Redemption Roasters based out of HMP The Mount in Aylesbury.  Redemption's goal is to help offenders successfully reintegrate into society by providing training in professional roastery and barista skills.

We are then heading back to the punny-est roasters in Britain (every time we see and taste their coffee it puts a massive smile on our face), Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters over in Liverpool.

Third up we are helping to support a fantastic and interesting project being led by Emma Haines at Caffeina Consulting.  Emma is showcasing some amazing and exclusive coffee from Luz Deifa Carabali's farm in Colombia.  This coffee will be roasted for us by a combination of our good friends up at Dear Green and the awesome award winning team down at Girls Who Grind Coffee.  You can read more about the project on the Caffeina website.

Finally we have another new roaster in the form of Blak Nektar from Glasgow.

Please click the link to see the January Dialled In subscription coffee in more detail.

Redemption - Ecuador .

We've been trying to bring Redemption into the sub for a while but have never quite managed to match up the right coffee to allow it to happen - but we are really happy that this month is the month that changes all that.

Stephen has sourced us an amazing washed Ecuador coffee with tasting notes of Melon, Tropical Fruit and Strawberry.  This also allows us to tick off another origin for the main sub, as we've been massively unsuccessful in our attempts to source an Ecuadorian up 'till now. 

Redemption roast separate profiles for Filter and Espresso and so all our Assorted and Espresso members will be receiving the Espresso roast and all our Filter members will be receiving the Filter roast.

Recipes - we found this worked well in our standard grind setting range of 3.9 on filter and at a slightly coarser 2.2 setting on espresso

Neighbourhood - Peru

We really love the names Neighbourhood give to their coffees - from 'Grind Control to Major Tom' to 'You Gotta Fight for your Right to Latte'.  Thankfully the coffee inside the bags is just as good and they really pay attention to their sourcing, so you know you're getting the best of the best.

This month we have chosen the latest crop (fresh off the boat this month) of their washed Peru coffee 'Sip Me Baby One More Time' from the Cajamarca region.

This omni-roast coffee comes with notes of Blackberry, Plum and Sticky Toffee and all our subscribers will be receiving this coffee.

Recipes - we found this worked well with a finer grind setting of 3.4 on filter and in our standard 2.0 range on espresso

Caffeina - Colombia

For our 3 bag subscribers, we have partnered with Caffeina Consulting to bring you their Luz Coffee washed castillo from the war-torn Northern Cauca region of Colombia.

All our 3 bag members will be receiving this super-sweet coffee with tasting notes of Brown Sugar, Vanilla and Peach.  You will receive (via lucky dip) coffee roasted by either Dear Green or Girls Who Grind Coffee (two of Caffeina's roasting partners on this project).

Recipes - we found this worked well in our standard grind setting range of 4.0 on filter and at our standard 2.1 range on espresso

Blak Nektar - DR Congo

Finally, for our 4 bag subscribers we are bringing in Blak Nektar from Glasgow who were the first in the world to achieve Carbon Neutral Gold Standard.

We have selected their omni-roast natural process coffee from the Muungano co-op in the North Kivu region of the Democratic Republic of Congo coming with juicy notes of Cranberry and Lime.

Recipes - we found this worked well with a much coarser grind setting 4.9 on filter and 2.7 on espresso

Dialled In Traditional

Our subscribers on the Traditional subscription this month will be receiving a pair of single origin coffees to enjoy.

First up is a washed Guatemala from Redemption Roasters and alongside that is a washed India from Neighbourhood

Dialled In Decaf

For our Decaf subscribers we have a Peru Swiss Water decaf from Redemption Roasters alongside a Colombia E.A. Decaf from Neighbourhood Coffee.

Dave Morgan