Welcome to February!  This month we are bringing in three new roasters for you to enjoy on the subscription alongside a returning long-time favourite.

First we head down to Oxford to showcase New Ground coffee and their fantastic social enterprise ethos. Then we cross the M62 to one of the UKs newest roasters, Sprudgie Nominated Blossom Coffee Roasters in Manchester. We then head back down to Winchester on the south coast to feature River Coffee Roasters before returning to London for the reappearance of Amoret and their lovely Art Deco bag designs.

Please click the link to see the February Dialled-In subscription coffee in more detail.

New Ground - Uganda

Much like Redemption last month, New Ground are another roaster that we've been looking forward to working with for quite some time because of their focus on social justice.  Their aim is to reduce reoffending rates by training and providing jobs in the coffee industry for released prisoners. They are also a Living Wage employer and share our ethos on sustainability.

The coffee we have chosen from Joel and the New Ground team this month is their Uganda Zukuka Bora direct-trade washed coffee with notes of Lemon Sherbet and Wine Gums. Incidentally, they are one of only two roasters in Europe that got their hands on this coffee).

All our subscribers will be receiving this omni-roast coffee to enjoy.

Blossom - Burundi

Blossom are a new roaster from Manchester having only opened up their roastery last year.  However, the team behind Blossom have a wealth of coffee skills and experience having picked up a Notable Roaster nomination in the 2020 Sprudgie awards (no mean feat, especially in their first year of business).  Josh is also a qualified Q-Grader, Oli is a 2x times UKBC finalist and Andy was the 2019 Northern Aeropress Champion.

Blossom are another roastery that shares our focus on sustainability and environmental impact.  They are certified Carbon Neutral, contribute to a scheme to trees in Manchester and are also a pending B-Corp company.

The coffee we have for you this month is pretty special - as soon as Josh told us about it, we had to get our hands on it.  It's an 87 point scoring natural processed coffee from our favourite origin - Burundi - with big juicy notes of Plum, Strawberry and Cherry... it's certainly one not to miss

Blossom split their roast profiles and all our Filter members will be receiving the Filter roast and all our Espresso members will be receiving the Espresso roast.

River Coffee - Costa Rica

There is a really vibrant coffee scene down on the south coast in Winchester and one of the driving forces behind it is River Coffee roastery. We're really pleased to be partnering with Will this month to bring another amazing natural coffee to the sub for you to enjoy.

All our 3 bag members will be receiving this jammy natural from Costa Rica (another of our favourite origins) with notes of Strawberry, Apricot and Milk Chocolate (River's roaster Max actually had the profile down as Strawberry Turkish Delight).

Amoret - Brazil

Finally, for our 4 bag subscribers we are heading back to Notting Hill to pay a visit to Sadiq at Amoret.

Sadiq always roasts great natural processed coffee for us and this month we have a selected a nice, traditional Brazilian... with a twist.  That twist is the processing method includes fermentation in a 'Static Box' (anaerobic).  This gives the coffee nice subtle notes of Cherry to go with the expected Hazelnut and Chocolate.

All our 4 bag members will be receiving this coffee to enjoy.

Dialled In Traditional

Our subscribers on the Traditional subscription this month will be receiving a classic Brazil coffee from New Ground alongside River Coffee's Flow Blend (40% Peru, 60% Brazil).

Dialled In Decaf

For our Decaf subscribers we have a Peru Swiss Water decaf from River Coffee alongside a CO2 Decaf Ethiopia from New Ground.

Dave Morgan