This is where you will find the notes for the coffee each month.

 Coffee  Grind Specification Notes
Keen FILTER FINE - Filter  I went too coarse initially based on bean colour.  Changed for a finer grind and the funky, fruity flavours jumped out.
Keen ESPRESSO COARSE - Espresso  Nice roast, running at 18g in to 37g out in 30 seconds on the Rocket R58 and coming in at Coarse grind size.
Echelon OMNI

EXTRA FINE - Espresso 

EXTRA FINE - Filter 

Nice bag, designed especially for us. That is Fred on the bag, the Echelon roastery dog.

Nice waft from the bag when opened. First go at an espresso poured fast in a medium grind, moved to finer grind.

Profiled first time on Filter at an Extra Fine grind, behaved as expected taking hints from the espresso profiling.

Harmony OMNI

EXRA FINE - Espresso 

EXTRA FINE - Filter 

Nice bag, great coffee from Ben. First shot was a longer pour for 26 at a medium grind, quite far out for extraction, so we pulled into a finer grind.

Touch finer than Echelon. Tasty. Light.

On filter, again profiled first time at Extra Fine - very similar to Echelon profile.

Colours FILTER FINE - Filter  Initially went a bit too fine based on bean colour and it over-extracted - adjusted grind to be coarser and works nicely as a Fine profile.

Nice roast, branding good. running courser than Keen - good bodied 'spro.