June 2019 Coffee Guide

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This month sees the return of two roasters that first graced the Dog & Hat subscriptions way back in October 2017 for Edition #1… we always reserve a very special welcome for Ste at Django Coffee Co. in Southport and Lisa and the crew at Dear Green in Glasgow (who have just organised yet another triumphant Glasgow Coffee Festival).

Returning to join these perennial favourites are Dave Stanton at Crankhouse Coffee in Exeter and Sadiq Merchant at Amoret Coffee in Notting Hill.

Don't forget, if there's any coffee that you aren't getting in your subscription but like the look of, you can add them onto your subscription this month as an extra bag in the members area.

Also this month we still have a very limited number of the Wolfox Guatemala Espresso bags left over, and we've listed those in the members area for £5 a bag to be delivered with the June subscription (roast date 23rd April).

Django Coffee

First up we have Django's offering - a fruity Costa Rica natural-processed coffee from the Los Robles farm in the West Valley region with notes of Blackberry and Cranberry.

This is a bean that we included from a different roaster back in November, but not everyone had the chance to enjoy it and we liked Ste's roast so much we just had to bring it in to headline the sub.

This coffee is omni-roasted so can be enjoyed by Espresso and Filter brewers alike - all our members will be receiving this coffee.

Crankhouse Coffee

It's been a while since we had Dave and Crankhouse in the sub and this interesting, Figgy / Orange / Fudgy coffee comes from a new origin for us - the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea off the north east coast of Australia.

You might think, due to its proximity to Indonesia, that it would have a similar earthy / spicy profile... but this washed coffee is so clean and sweet that it is actually more reminiscent of a Central American coffee.

This coffee is omni-roasted for you all to enjoy, whatever your chosen method - all our members will be receiving this coffee.

Amoret Coffee

Next up is Sadiq's Amoret roastery in Notting Hill, London.  The last time we had Amoret in, Sadiq was still in the process of moving premises and installing his roaster (so at the time he was curating the beans and profiling the coffee but they were getting roasted by Curve down in Margate).

Now that the roastery is fully up and running we can't wait to bring our 3 bag subscribers this amazingly boozy El Salvador natural processed coffee (think Rum & Raisin).  Sadiq uses the espresso roast profile of this coffee as Amoret's house espresso in their coffee shops and the filter roast makes plentiful appearances on their brew bar.

Our three (and four) bag filter members will be receiving the filter roast profile for this coffee and our three (and four) bag espresso and assorted members will be receiving the espresso roast profile.

Dear Green

Finally, fresh from our visit to the Glasgow Coffee Festival organised by Dear Green, all of our 4 bag members will be receiving this classical Colombia coffee with notes of chocolate and stewed fruits, sourced from the all-women's AMACA cooperative in the Cauca region of Colombia.

This omni-roast coffee has sweet notes of caramel, apple and honey and is great as both espresso and filter.

Dialled In Dark(er)

For our Dialled In Dark(er) subscribers we are also going back to the very beginning of the Dog & Hat journey to bring you a coffee that was in the very first subscription box (nearly two years ago) - Dear Green's Goosedubs blend.  This is a great espresso with notes of chocolate, caramel and peanut.  We are so happy to bring this coffee back, as it has a special place on our hearts after Su's farmer father used the immortal words "By 'eck that's a tasty coffee" after being served it one night after dinner.

Completing the Dark(er) line up is Crankhouse's CHX blend of Brazil and Peru (50 /50) with notes of Dark Chocolate Pear and Ginger.

Dialled In Decaf

For our decaf subscribers we have a Dear Green Guatemala sparkling water decaffeinated coffee with notes of Vanilla Fudge, Hazelnut & Cherry.

Completing the line-up is Crank House and their Colombia E.A. Decaffeinated coffee with notes of Creme Brulee & Orange Marmalade.

Dog & Hat Coffee Settings

Here are the coffee settings we used this month to help you work out where to start dialling in the coffee.

Django Costa Rica

We found this fruit bomb natural coffee worked best at a grind setting of 4.25 and ratio of 13.5g to 200ml water in 2:30 mins.

 Django Coffee Subscription


For this fruity coffee we used our default starting grind setting of 1.7 with a ratio of 17g in to 39g out in 24 secs.

 Django Coffee Speciality Coffee Subscription

Crankhouse Papua New Guinea 

For this sweet coffee we used our standard starting grind setting of 4.0 and ratio of 13.5g to 200ml water in 2:30 mins.

 Crankhouse Coffee Subscription


This coffee is on the lighter side and we settled on a grind setting of 1.6 with a ratio of 18g in to 36g out in 27 secs to get the sweetness from the cup.

 Crankhouse Speciality Coffee Subscription

Amoret El Salvador

This boozy natural is roasted a little darker than some and to get the best out of it we used a coarser grind setting of 5.0 and a ratio of 14g to 225ml water in 2:30 mins

Amoret Speciality Coffee Subscription


As this coffee is slightly darker roasted we got all the booze out of it using a grind setting of 1.9 with a ratio of 17g in to 36g out in 25 seconds.

 Amoret Speciality Coffee Subscription

Dear Green Colombia

This coffee is a very easy extracting profile and we used a coarser grind setting of 5.5 and a ratio of 13.5g to 200ml water in 2:30 mins
Dear Green Coffee Subscription 


Again, this is a slightly darker coffee and we settled on a grind setting of 1.9, ratio of 18g in to 36g out in 23 seconds.

 Dear Green Speciality Coffee Subscription Espresso

Crankhouse CHX

For this blend we used a grind setting of 1.8, ratio of 18g in to 37g out in 25 seconds.

Dear Green Goosedubbs Blend Speciality Coffee

Dear Green Goosedubbs

For this nutty chocolate bomb we used a grind setting of 1.9, ratio of 18g in to 37g out in 24 seconds.

Crankhouse CHX Blend Speciality Coffee

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