Hi everyone, we hope you're enjoying the coffee again this month.

This month we didn't manage to get hold of the final production sample of the Abe and Co East Timor coffee before the booklet printing deadline and so we have included our Dialling In settings for it here.

Abe and Co East Timor Washed

The final production roast for this coffee is quite a light roast profile and you are going to want to head to the finer grind settings on your grinder to best experience the Blackberry and Hibiscus (for us the Hibiscus shows itself as a floral note with a spicy back-end).

We found on Filter that a grind size of EK 3.5 on our grinder gave the best results.  This equates to 'Extra Fine' on our grind size chart.  So when dialling this coffee in at home, aim for a finer than you would usually for coffees in the subscription.

On Espresso we went to EK1.9 and a Lungo ratio of 1:2.5 (18g in - 45g out).  This equates again to 'Extra Fine' and we used the longer shot to increase the extraction and tame some of the wilder tart fruit notes that you might experience at a standard 1:2 ratio.

Dave Morgan