Hi there, and thanks for your patience.

This month we had two coffees on the subscription that had late production samples landing with us, but fear not... our settings are here

Yorks El Salvador Anaerobic Process

This coffee needed the coarsest grind of the 4 coffees this month and we found it worked best at a grind size of EK2.4, which is in the Medium range

On Filter we found it worked well at EK4.0, which is in the Medium range.

Red Bank Ethiopia Honey Process

The Red Bank worked nicely at a grind setting of EK 2.2 on espresso, which is at the coarser end of the Medium range.

On Filter it we found a grind setting of EK3.7, which is in the Fine grind range, worked best.


In addition, we have also recalibrated our EK43 after the slight Shear Plate destruction, so we have also added today's updated settings for the other two coffees in the subscription, for those that are interested

Dark Arts DRC Washed

Espresso - EK2.2 (Medium)

Filter - EK3.7 (Fine)

New Ground East Timor Washed

Espresso EK1,9 (Fine)

Filter - EK3.5 (Extra Fine)

We hope you enjoy the coffee this month


Dave Morgan