Hello everyone and thanks for your patience.

With the office move, we had a bit of a delay finalising our coffee profiles for this month, but fear not, here they are.

A couple of points to note - we have fixed the EK43 (hurray) but we are using slightly different water this month, which may have a slight effect on the extraction numbers compared to last month.

This month, the coffee profiles span a wide range from Extra Fine to Coarse... and everywhere in between.

First up we have the Steampunk Peru, which is the lightest roast of all the coffee this month.  We found it worked best on Espresso at EK2.0 (which just sneaks into the Medium range) and on Filter we went with EK3.4 (Extra Fine).

Alongside we have the Shiloh Burundi and this coffee sits nicely in the Medium range on Espresso (EK2.3) and the coarser side of Fine on Filter (EK 3.8).

The Carringtons Uganda worked very similarly to the Shiloh and we found it worked nicely at EK2.3 on Espresso (Medium) and slightly coarser at EK3.9 on Filter (again, coarse end of Fine).

Finally we have the Doe and Fawn Ethiopia which is the darkest of the roasts this month and we went with a grind of EK2.5 on Espresso (Coarse, almost Extra Coarse) and 4.3 on Filter (again, Coarse).

We hope you enjoy the coffee this month.


Dave Morgan


I use a Wilfa uniform, but maybe the most universal thing is to provide the grind in microns and then people can do the conversion, using the honest coffee website that someone mentioned in a comment. Like others, I can’t really do anything with the EK settings.

— Simon Baty

I use a Sage Barista Pro for espresso and a Knock Aergrind for aeropress when I’m travelling

— Ant M

I’m also using a Fellow Ode 2 grinder. Please please please make a comparable grind settings reference, that would be amazing!

I was literally just trying to do it myself. I found this website (https://honestcoffeeguide.com/coffee-grind-size-chart/) where you can input the grinder model and see a chart, but I can’t quite make sense of the EK43 settings. I’m not sure they line up…

— Steve

Wilfa Svart grinder (for filter)

— Jamie H

Comandante C40 for me. Loving the Steampunk!

— Alan Bracey

Just chiming in – Timemore 078S here.

— Jack B-S

Thank you very much! I’m already enjoying the Peruvian from Steampunk.

I was just wondering if you had any grind size or brewing recommendations for the robusta sample generously included this month? I’m keen to give it a go but don’t know anything about where to start…

— Leon

I use a Specialita!

— Kyle M

Could this site be used to get the grind suze in microns for each EK43 setting and then look up the eqivalent in their grinder. All popular grinders are there. https://honestcoffeeguide.com/coffee-grind-size-chart/


Hi! Congrats on the move and thanks for doing this 🙌

I use a TIMEMORE Chestnut C2.

— Justin

Cool, I use a Mignon Specialita and Comandante C40

— Wendi NEILL

Thank you. 1Zpresso K-Ultra

— Mark Lewis

Fellow Ode Gen 2. I keep a notebook which helps to translate from your grind sizes to my set up. Great sub this month, 🙏

— Susan C

Another one with the Niche Zero. Thanks

— Beth C

I use a Fellow Ode V2! Thanks for this.

— Joe

Congrats on the move and thanks for organising this, I’ve always wondered how to translate your grind size recommendation from the manual to my actual grinder.

I use a Niche Zero.

— Jonny B

Comandante C40

— Niall Dalton

Hi, 1Zpresso JX pro here. Cheers!

— Nick Barber

I use a Eureka Mignon Turbo Espresso Grinder cheers

— Sam B

On a Niche Zero for espresso.

— Simon

Comandante c40 for filter
Eureka Oro for espresso

— James

Great help! I used a Wilfa Svart grinder!

— Ross McNeil

Hi, I use a 1Zpresso JX pro

— John

Wilfa Svart (for filter brew)

— Robin

Niche Zero here too!

— tom

Thank you for this. We use a Fellow Ode v2. A reference guide for that grinder would be amazing!

— Lewis

Rocket Faustino Grinder for me 👋🏻

— Darren Robinson

Thank you, Wilfa Uniform grinder here.

— Dean Baker

Comandante c40.

— George

Hello, I’m using the Niche zero too! Thanks.

— Peter R

Thanks for this – I’m using an IZPresso XPRO.

— Gareth Turner

Thanks for the email. Very Interested in getting a translation for Ode v1 gen 1.1 burrs & timemore C2


— James

Hello, I’m using the Niche Zero grinder

— Chris Morgan

Thanks for this! Fellow Ode v2

— Sean

Thanks for this! Fellow Ode v2

— Sean

Congrats on the move! and thank you for this blog.

I use the Rancilio Rocky SD.

— Craig R

Thanks Dave. We use a Knock Feld 47 at home and I have the Timemore C2 at the office.

— Nassrin

Thanks for the update. I’ve got a Fellow Opus.

— Joel

1Zpresso K-Max Manual Coffee Grinder

Thank you! I have not figured out how to map to this so that would be so helpful

— Justin Knight

Thanks for this, saw the email re: the grinder reference. I’m using a Niche Zero

— Edd A