Hope you are well! Here is some more details on the Robusta that you received in your subscription.

I have been playing about with the coffee, and it is more suited to espresso. I did a 15g in and 30ml our with a 2.2 grind setting, which is the same as the Peru from Steampunk.

Join the meeting on Saturday at 10am. Perhaps either brew your coffee in advance of the meeting. I wont go though an actual brew, as its too much ask of anyone! 


You can watch the event here:

 Dog and Hat Robusta Overview-20240427_100259-Meeting Recording.mp4

Our Grind Settings:

2.0 EK
15g 30grams out

3.3 EK
10g 150ml Coffee
2.30m AeroPress Inverted.

 As a subscriber you can order a Robusta sample here:

Robusta Sample – Dog & Hat Coffee (dogandhat.co.uk)



Susanna Morgan