Hi everyone, we hope you're enjoying the coffee again this month.

As we mentioned last month, it is becoming more common for the final production roast profiles for some of the more exclusive coffees we bring into the subscription to take longer to arrive with us.  This means that they often miss the deadline to get our booklet to print and we have started to put them here on the blog.

Django El Salvador Anaerobic Natural

This month's delayed production sample was the Django Coffee Co. El Salvador Pacamara Anaerobic Natural coffee that everyone in the main subscription received.

This is a really interesting and complex coffee whose flavours change depending how you extract it... we've had the flavours swing from Mango and Grapefruit to Pineapple and Rum.

We found on Filter that a grind size of EK 3.4 on our grinder gave the best results.  This equates to 'Extra Fine' on our grind size chart.  So when dialling this coffee in at home, aim for a finer than you would usually for coffees in the subscription.  This allowed the Rum and Mango flavours to shine through but if you want a bit more Grapefruit / Citrus notes you can grind a bit coarser (3.5 / 3.6).

On Espresso we went to EK2.0 and a standard ratio of 2:1 (18g in - 36g out).  This is about the setting we aim for when we select our espresso coffee for the subscription because it sits on the cusp of the Fine / Medium range.  With this setting we tasted Pineapple and also some Grapefruit... if you want to knock out the Grapefruit notes and highlight the boozier flavours, then we'd recommend grinding a bit finer or pulling a slightly longer shot.

Traditional Subscription Coffee

We've also been asked if we can provide our Dial-In settings for the Traditional coffees like we used to, and the answer is 'We'd love to'.

Black Cat Guatemala

This Guatemala from David at Black Cat is a great Traditional subscription coffee from one of our favourite origins.

We used a grind size of EK2.3 (we'd consider this the start of our 'Coarse' grind setting range) to get the best out of it and found it highlighted the Dark Chocolate and Dried Fruit notes of the coffee which work particularly well in milk.

Outpost Peru

The Outpost Peru is slightly lighter coffee and needed a slightly finer grind setting than we used for the Black Cat.

We used a grind size of EK2.1 (in the 'Medium' grind setting range) to highlight the Almond and Milk Chocolate notes.

Dave Morgan