Hello and thanks for joining us again for another month of tasty and interesting coffee.

For the November edition of the Dialled In Coffee Subscription we have gone right back the beginning to feature the wonderful Django Coffee Co. from Southport, Merseyside.

Alongside Django we are thrilled to introduce Dak Coffee Roasters from Amsterdam in Holland.

We are continuing the Black Cat theme this month, by bringing back Black Cat Coffee Roasters from Norfolk and then to round off the subscription we are featuring Outpost Coffee Roasters from Nottingham.

Don't forget to click the link to see the November Dialled In subscription coffee in more detail.

Dak Coffee Roasters (Amsterdam, Holland) - Honduras Washed [SCA - 87]

The patience shown by Louis-Phillipe and Veronique is amazing as they first got in touch with us last year, just as we were winding down featuring international roasters in main subscriptions because of Brexit.

Fast forward 12 month's and we are so happy to bring them in with a really interesting Honduras Washed coffee (a variety that we've not featured before - Lempira).  This coffee has floral and herby notes of Rooibos, Papaya, Raspberry and Almond - its very different from other washed Honduras coffees we've come across.

Dak split their roast profiles so this month our Filter and Assorted members will be receiving the Filter roast of this 87 point scoring coffee and out Espresso members will be receiving the Espresso roast.

Django Coffee Co (Southport, Merseyside) - El Salvador Anaerobic Natural  [SCA - 87.5]

By bringing Django back into the subscription this month we return to our roots as Ste provided one of the coffees for our first ever subscription back in 2017.

It's always a joy working with Ste and he always finds us something special, and this month he has excelled himself with this amazing Anaerobic Natural Pacamara from El Salvador.  We will even be popping over to the roastery this month and getting our hands dirty helping to pack the coffee.

All our members will be receiving this omni-roast coffee to enjoy with it's notes of Tropical Fruit, Rum and Brown Sugar.

Black Cat Coffee (Norfolk) - Costa Rica Natural [SCA - 87]

The last time we featured Black Cat Coffee last year, David sent us one of the coffee's of the year (Colombia Sweet Valley) and this year he has sourced us another pretty special coffee for you to enjoy.

The coffee he has for us is the Costa Rica natural-process Tirra Estate with notes of Syrupy Red Fruits and Plum Brandy - it's a cracker.

All of our 3 and 4 bag subscribers will be receiving this omni-roast coffee

Outpost Coffee (Nottingham) - Burundi Washed [SCA - 85.5]

It's great to be working with Outpost this month and we'll even have the chance to catch up with them at the Manchester Coffee Festival this month too and we are both exhibiting.

Anyone who's been with us a while will know that we are a sucker for a good Burundi, and that is exactly what Outpost have for us this month - the Burundi Kirasa with notes of Raspberry, Chocolate and Almond.

Outpost also split their roast profiles so our 4-bag Espresso and Assorted members will receive the Espresso roast and the Filter members will be receiving the Filter roast.

Dialled In Traditional

Our traditional subscribers will be receiving a Black Cat Coffee Washed Guatemala with notes of Chocolate, Blackberry and Boiled Sweets.

Alongside that we have Outpost Coffee with a Washed Peru coffee with notes of Honey, Almond and Malted Chocolate.

Dialled In Decaf

For our decaf members, we will be receiving a double Washed and Swiss Water Decaffeinated selection - a Costa Rica from Black Cat Coffee and a Colombia from Outpost.

Dave Morgan