Hi everyone, we hope you're enjoying the coffee.

This month, we had another delayed production sample which meant that we couldn't get our finalised Dial-In settings for the Plot Colombia Micro-Lot in the booklet before it went to print. 

When roasters get a new coffee in they typically profile the coffee roast on a smaller scale sample roaster.  For freshly landed coffee crops or exclusive micro-lots (like the Plot Colombia this month), this is typically the sample that we receive to make a decision on the coffee.  The final scaled up production roast is often slightly different to this original sample we receive, and so we like to use this production roast sample to provide our Dial-In settings for you all.

But fear not, we have the settings you need for this month's coffee subscription right here.

Plot Coffee Colombia Micro-Lot

In this month's subscription, it was the Plot Colombia final production sample that was a little delayed arriving with us, so we'll start there.

Plot's roasting style is generally quite light and this coffee is no exception.  Matthew and the team have gone for a lighter roast to highlight the subtle stone fruits and floral complexity.

We found on Filter that a grind size of EK 3.5 on our grinder gave the best results.  This equates to 'Extra Fine' on our grind size chart.  So when dialling this coffee in at home, aim for a finer than you would usually for coffees in the subscription.

On Espresso we went to EK1.9 and a lungo ration of 1:2.5 (18g in - 45g out).  So again, when dialling in at home, err on the side of a finer grind and also pull the shot a little longer to extract all the complex flavours.

A final point on the Plot, as it is a light roast and also roasting on a Loring Kestral, we would say that it will benefit from a slightly longer rest period of 14 days (even on filter) to let it settle down and allow for an easier extraction.

Traditional Subscription Coffee

We've also been asked if we can provide our Dial-In settings for the Traditional coffees like we used to, and the answer is 'We'd love to'.

Plot Connect Espresso

As mentioned above, Plot tend to roast their coffee a little lighter than some other roasters, and this Peru Espresso is the same.  Typically, coffees in our Traditional subscription dial in at around EK2.2, but we found that this coffee from Plot worked best at a EK2.0 grind setting.  So when dialling in at home, go a little finer than you would usually. Again, as above, the Plot will benefit from a slightly longer resting time.

Horsham Brazil

We found that the Horsham Brazil was much closer to our usual Dial-in starting point and we used a grind size of EK2.1 to get the best out of it.  So if dialling in at home, this should be an easier one to get right first of all.  Horsham also roast on a Loring Kestral, but as they roast a touch darker than Plot, we found it didn't need as long a resting time.

Dave Morgan