Thank you all for a very supportive August, I am quite surprised it is September already! I was out in the woods yesterday thinking there are some signs of Autumn already!  Here is a bit more information about the coffee coming in this month, which is all really vibrant. 

I am pleased to say we have some new and old names in the subscription this month. We are welcoming back both Kiss the Hippo and Missing Bean plus introducing Salford Roasters (who were recommended to us via a subscriber on Instagram) and also new to the fold is Radical Roasters in Bristol - both run by lovely people who are excited to be introduced to the Dog and Hatters! 

There is also a free copy of Caffeine Magazine in each box this month, so you can look forward to a little more coffee information! 

Remember, if there are any coffees you are not receiving in your subscription option but you like the look of, head over to the members area and add-on a bag or two.

Don't forget to click the link to see the September Dialled in subscription coffee in more detail.

Kiss the Hippo (London- England)  Mynomar Natural (SCA 84.75)

Kiss the Hippo went down great when they were last in with us last year! So there was no hesitation to bring them in again. This time Elliot (you can catch him on Insta) has found us a Myanmar, with notes of Milk Chocolate, Lime and Dark Cherry.

Keep an eye out for the Lime in this one, if not quite dialled in correct this may ping sour notes into the cup.

The Missing Bean – Kenya (Oxfordshire. England)  Kenya Washed (85.5)

Always a good friends of ours these guys and gals, Silvo has found us a lovely Kenya, this coffee comes from Kenyan entrepreneur Gloria and her Finnish husband Jarmo. They run Sakami Coffee, one of the most environmentally sustainable farms in the country, with a wet mill powered fully by solar panels (pretty cool eh?!)

The coffee has notes of Blueberry, Apple and Vanilla, this is a typical bright and fruity Kenya.

Salford Roasters – (Manchester – England) El Salvador Washed (84.95)

A new name for us here at Dog and Hat, roaster Nik has organised this El Salvador, with pre-Christmas tasting notes of Fig, Maple Syrup and red Grape. This is an omni-roast and works well across all methods.

Salford Roasters was formed in September 2016, with the mission to bring ‘Proper Coffee’ en masse to Salford and Manchester people and beyond, and to inspire a passion for speciality beans.

Nik Roasts on a IMF Roaster, which is a rarer roaster, we will add a bit more info about that into the booklet for you. 

“A technology that respects the environment, since IMF roasters do not need any additional catalyser, with carbon emissions way below legal limits.”

Radical Roasters (Bristol – England)  Rwanda Natural (SCA 87)

The lovely Cat from Radical has roasted this Rwanda to perfection, it is floral and fruity and bounces out of the cup. As they are a smaller roastery, this coffee has had to come in our bag 4 slot, but would be great to see them headlining a subscription in a year or so... like Salford, these a roaster to watch.

Cat from Radical has some great credentials:

  • Great Taste Award Coffee Judge
  • 2 X UK Barista Championship semi finalist
  • 4th in UK Coffee Roasting Championships 2016
  • SCA UK Sensory Coffee Judge 2017-19
  • Certified Q Grader
Dialled in Traditional

This month sees two great coffees coming in, the famous George Street Blend form Kiss the Hippo which is their House Blend and very well regarded. Then we have Missing Bean with a Brazil Notes of Milk Chocolate, Plum and Hazelnut.  The traditional has grown due to an influx of Bean to Cup subscribers, which is great to see people buying good coffee for their machines. 

Dialled in Decaf

Hurray we have a Honduras Decaf, which is unusual and makes a lovely change, we also have a Kiss the Kiss Columbia, both are spot on. I have a lot of customers with a single bag decaf added on to the main subscription, it is becoming more popular. I recall we used to order 5 bags a month for AGES, we now order a good 200, it just shows decaf is growing here in the UK, as it should.

Susanna Morgan