Hello and welcome to October... Autumn is definitely here, isn't it?

To cheer you all up as the days get colder and shorter, we are thrilled to be bringing back a couple of firm subscribers' favourites to headline this month.

First up, from across the North Sea we have the great pleasure of welcoming back the mighty Manhattan Coffee Roasters from Rotterdam.  Joining them we welcome back a real Dog and Hat original in the form of Pharmacie Coffee Roaster from Sussex.

Next up we have a couple of newbies to the sub - hailing from Stroud in Gloucestershire we have Noni's Coffee Roasters and then from the beautiful Royal Arcade in Cardiff, Wales we have Uncommon Ground Coffee Roasters.

Don't forget to click the link to see the October Dialled In subscription coffee in more detail.

Remember, if there are any coffees you are not receiving in your subscription option, but you like the look of, head over to the members area and add-on a bag or two.

Manhattan Coffee (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) - Tanzania Washed [SCA - 86]

Last year, the awesome coffee champions from Rotterdam came bursting into the subscription with an amazing, washed Kenya coffee and took away 3rd prize in the 'Dog and Hat Coffee of the Year' competition voted for by our members.

This time around they have popped across the Kenyan border to Arusha in Tanzania to find us this wonderful, complex, washed coffee - 'Edelweiss' - with notes of Ceylon Tea, Starfruit and Apple.

All our 'main subscription' Filter and Assorted members will be receiving the Filter roast profile for this coffee and our Espresso members we have the Espresso roast.  If you feel you are missing out, both profiles are sitting in the members area if you fancy adding on the one you aren't getting.

Pharmacie Coffee (Lewes, England) - Uganda Natural [SCA - 84.5]

Carola and the Pharmacie team down in Sussex have been with us since the very beginning (they first graced the subscription in our second edition back in 2017) and they are always great to bounce ideas off.

A lot has changed since we last featured them in the sub back in November 2020 - they have moved from Hove to Lewes and installed a much larger roaster - some things don't change though, and Carola is still roasting us amazing coffee.

This time around she has sourced us a Uganda Natural from Rwenzori Coffee (if you've been with us a while, you will know we love the great work that Jonny and Martin from Agri Evolve do at origin in Uganda) with huge notes of Strawberry and Cream.  All our 'main subscription' members will be receiving this coffee.

Noni's Coffee (Stroud, England) - Mexico Natural [SCA - 85]

We were first recommended to go and speak to Noni by Cat at Radical Roasters earlier in the year, and we're very happy we took on the recommendation.  Having spent many years working at other roasters she took the plunge to open her own business during lockdown.

She's found us a bit of an unusual coffee to enjoy this month - a natural processed Mexico with notes of Dark Chocolate, Pear and Lychee.

All our Bag 3 and Bag 4 'main' subscription members will be receiving this omni-roast coffee continuing.

Uncommon Ground (Cardiff, Wales) - Peru Washed [SCA - 84]

If you're ever in Cardiff, a great place to go and visit is the Royal Arcade... and if you go to visit the Royal Arcade, you should definitely pop into Uncommon Ground for a coffee.

But if you can't get to Cardiff, we've brought a bit of Wales to you this month and the team at Uncommon Ground have found us a washed Peru which tastes just like Lemon Meringue Pie.

All our Bag 4 'main' subscription members will be receiving this omni-roast Peru coffee to enjoy.

Dialled In Traditional

Another reason why we're so excited to bring Manhattan back into the subscription this month is it gives us an excuse to reacquaint our Traditional subscribers with possibly our favourite Traditional subscription coffee - the Brooklyn Blend... it really was a highlight for us last year with its creamy notes of Candied Orange and Praline.

Alongside the Brooklyn Blend we also have Noni's Stroudie Brew, which is a single-origin Peru with notes of Baking Chocolate, Dates and Muscovado Sugar.

Dialled In Decaf 

After month's and month's where all we could find our Decaf subscribers were amazing Colombia E.A. Decafs, we have another month where we can change it up a bit.

First up is Pharmacie coffee roasters with an Ethiopia M.C. Decaf with notes of Tangerine, Red Apple and Hazelnut.


Dave Morgan