Dog and Hat Summer Photo Competition 2023.

I hope you all had a great time entering the summer photo competition, here are the entries so far. Winners will be announced on the Tuesday 11th, when Emma is back from Santa Pod.  If you have sent your entry and it is not listed below, please drop it to over the weekend. I know everybody has been busy.

I need you to comment on your favourite picture in the comments. Please just take the title of the picture and comment, of course with any other notes! 

  • Jemma & Pippin on tour
  • Micheal Angelo
  • Foxy Stretch
  • Bert and Wilma strike a pose
  • Wild Coffee
  • A Fire in August
  • Proper British Summer
  • Kiara likes an early start
Jemma & Pippin on tour!

Here they are in France, and they stopped a the lovely L'Occasion in Reims. They loved Pippin the working cocker spaniel. Doesn't it look lovely? 

Michael Angelo

Michael has been on the subscription a long time, he keeps all his packets and turns into art, this is one of two pictures sent in, the next one shows the incredibly tidy coffee station! Beautiful Michael! 

Foxy Stretch

Merlin was enjoying his coffee when this fluffy in the garden for a stretch. how beautiful is this shot. Merlin has a coffee in hand and feet up :-)

Bert and Wilma strike a pose.

Well good morning, a special note needs to go to Joel who has managed a beautiful shot of two dogs staying still. Bert the Lab on the right looking gloriously cool and Wilma who is wearing a scarf and sporting a blue steel look. Woofley photo :-)



Wild Coffee

Now who loves camping with coffee, we certainly do, and we know it takes specific kit to get it right! Tom here says this is the epitome of British Summer Time

  • Fresh ground beans no matter where you are. 
  • Campsite by the beach.
  • Last night's BBQ still outside the tent/camper.
  • Grey clouds.
  • Breakfast on an old camp stove.
  • A couple of camp tins to sip the elixir as you watch the waves.
  • Great company.

Thanks Tom, see in my case part of the camping is an overzealous stove top balancing on the stove, with me hoping it stays there! 

A fire in August

This is Alex on holiday in Yorkshire, with the fire one, haha. I have to admit should I of had some coal there were a few days in August I might of lit the fire! Loving the Lego sticker here Alex! 

Proper British Summer

Ross says "every time I debate going into the garden to do some hacking and clearing (it's a proper jungle out garden) it starts raining (pouring, it's the Lake District), so I just sit back and have a coffee instead. I'm quite happy with the situation to be honest"

Kiara likes an early start! 

Kiara has just come to live with subscribers Kate and Alex, she is learning all things homelife after coming in a rehomed greyhound. Kiara likes a 5:30am walk and these three head out with a flask of coffee every morning! 


This is Emma's new dog Tank enjoying the summer, he just wanted to say hi really - not a real entry! isn't he just lush?! 

Susanna Morgan


Bert and Wilma strike a pose very nice dog and dog

— Tom

Bert and Wilma strike a pose in some lovely accessories! My grandson has a scarf exactly the same. Lovely.

— Zack Zish

Kiara likes an early start!

— Margaret

Wilma and Bertie without a doubt!

— Marianna

Bert and Wilma are looking fantastic

— Jean

Got to be wild coffee but Michael’s art would take the win if i was not so bias!

— Definitely not Tom

Wild Coffee!

— Robyn

Wild Coffee – definitely the joys of coffee in the summer!!

— Alex

Bert and Wilma strike a pose! Fabulous!

— Juliet

Bert and Wilma strike a pose for sure. So adorable.

— Adam

Wilma and Bert!

— Marzia