Hey everyone, hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine... it’s lovely up here and we have an abundance of poppies here for the first time in years - I am not sure that’s a good thing or not, but it nice to look at!

You can take a look at the upcoming July coffee here 


Oven Heaven – Peru Natural (Bordeaux, France) SCA 84

This is the second time we've headed over to Bordeaux to feature the lovely people at Oven Heaven along with their fun bags and Frank the Dinosaur - I urge you all to take a look at the bottom of your bags once they've arrived, it should give you a bit of a giggle.

The name of this coffee, PHUYU, is inspired by the terroir. Despite the dry weather, the region is very cloudy at dawn. "PHUYU" means cloud in Quechua (Quechua is most spoken in the southern and central highland areas of Peru. Around 13% of Peruvians speak Quechua as their mother tongue).

This Omni-Roast coffee has notes of Blueberry, Tropical Fruits and Caramel and will be going to all the main subscription members.

North Star Sumatra Washed (Leeds) SCA 85

Coming in hot with their environmentally friendly corn-starch bags and an exceptional Sumata.  Sumatra is an origin that we don’t feature all too often (and often turn away), but this one is so good and actually the first ever to feature on North Stars offer list.

North Start have just continued to go from strength to strength since they last came in the subscription and they have now opened another coffee shop in Leeds... their staffing has gone though the roof!

Holly and Krag have been friends of Dog and Hat since day one, and we have watched their business grow with great admiration, and late last year they added a little baby to their family!  

This Omni-Roast coffee is a washed Sumatra with notes of Dried Fruit, Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut and is going to all our main subscribers.

Black Cat Costa  Rica Natural (Norfolk) SCA 87.5

It's great to see David back in the subscription, even more after we had to change his slot in May suddenly after he suffered a freak accident. Thankfully David is back roasting again and ready to go!

This is a very high scoring Costa Rica, and well worth a shot as an extra bag (for those 2 baggers out there), with notes of Cherry and Almond (think a super syrupy Cherry Bakewell).  All our Bag 3 and 4 members will be receiving this omni-roast coffee.

Penelope Coffee  Tanzania Washed SCA 84.5

Well hello! A while ago Giancarlo contacted us about being in our subscription, they sent us over a few samples over and we quickly realised they were definitely up to Dog and Hat standard... lovely people, good quality packaging and an excellent range of coffee.

This coffee is a single origin Tanzania, but a blend of two varieties, Kent and bourbon. This and was named Mbili Twiga to reflect the coming together of two famous coffee growing regions. Mbili Twiga translates as two giraffes.

This omni-roast coffee has notes of Chamomile, Blueberry and Chocolate Caramel and all our Bag 4 subscribers will be receiving this coffee to enjoy.

Dialled In Traditional & Bean to Cup

Traditional this month is coming from North Star with a Brazil that has notes of Milk Chocolate, Caramel and Hazelnut... which, s we speak, Dave has just commented is really smooth.

The second coffee is coming from Black Cat with their signature blend of Brazil, Indonesia and Central America.  Their most popular blend b a long way!

Dialled In Decaf 

North Star are delivering the goods with a Washed and CO2 Decaffeinated Nicaragua. This CO2 processed decaf coffee comes to us from the department of Nueva Sego. via in Northern Nicaragua – the CO2 process leaves much of the coffees character intact so that there is good body and balance in the brew.

Black Cat are then also supplying a classic Columbia Washed & Sugarcane Decaf.

Susanna Morgan