Hi there, and thanks for your patience.

This month we had two coffees on the subscription that had late production samples landing with us. This was mainly down to the all the bank holidays we've had along with the last minute roaster line-up changes.... but here they are, our grind settings for the Papercup El Salvador and the Big Dog Guatemala.

As it turns out they both worked nicely with fairly similar grind settings - albeit making very different tasting coffees, of course :-)

Big Dog Guatemala

We found the Big Dog worked nicely at a grind setting of EK2.2 on Espresso, which put it in the Medium grind range.

On Filter we found it worked well at EK3.8, which was at the coarser side of Fine.

Papercup El Salvador

The Papercup also worked well on Espresso at a grind setting of EK2.2, which was in the Medium grind range.

On Filter it worked nicely at EK3.6, which is in the Fine grind range.

We hope you enjoy the coffee this month.


Dave Morgan