The aeropress actually combines two different brewing methods – steeping (as you’d find in a French press) and pressure (as you’d find in an espresso) – to create small strong cups of coffee.  The reason for this is that initial the coffee and the water steep together in the chamber, but to ‘pour’ the coffee you must push the piston down and this forces the water through the coffee grinds and a filter paper.

Filter Mechanism

The filter mechanism can be either paper or metal.

Grind Profile

A finely ground coffee will work best for this method.

  1. Grind 10g coffee per 100ml of water just before brewing begins –
  2. Boil fresh water and then wait 20 seconds
  3. Place a filter into the aeropress, and run some hot water through the device to heat it up and rinse the filter paper
  4. Place your mug on the table (or scales if you want to be ultra-precise), pace the main part of the aeropress on top, and fill with coffee grinds
  5. Pour in the boiled water and stir the mixture
  6. Attach the piston part of the aeropress but don’t plunge it yet
  7. Allow the coffee to brew for 1 minute
  8. Press down the plunger & enjoy