Espresso uses the pressure method of brewing coffee, but differs from other method (notably the Stove-Top) by using a very fine grind, manually compressing the coffee densely together and then passing extremely high-pressure water through the bed of coffee grinds to extract the flavour.

Filter Mechanism

As Espresso utilises the pressure method of brewing, there is no filter.

Grind Profile

An extremely fine ground coffee will work best for this method.


You could spend your entire life trying to create the perfect shot, but the basic technique involves placing the coffee in a metal basket with lots of tiny holes that will allow the high-pressure liquid to pass through without taking the coffee sediment with it.

The key parameters to control with espresso is the pressure and the resistance, which in turn determines the critical flow rate. You need to get a certain amount of liquid through the coffee in a specified amount of time or the coffee won’t be as desired.

  1. Fill the reservoir of the coffee machine with fresh water
  2. Grind 18g of coffee just before the brewing begins
  3. Ensure the basket is clean and dry
  4. Add the coffee grinds to the basket
  5. Tamp down to compress the coffee grinds in the basket
  6. Lock the handle into the coffee machine – take care to ensure this is done properly according to your machines instructions
  7. Start the coffee machine and time the brew for approximately 30seconds (unless our supplier has provided you with their own unique guidelines)
  8. Stop the machine and enjoy your coffee