Nero Scuro Coffee Roasters 

We founded Nero Scuro on the basis of a simple and at the same time fascinating idea: never roast coffee that we ourselves were not happy to sip and proud to sell. Nero Scuro wants to put coffee at the centre, distinguishing itself in a market where the "small" roasters boast of processing only a few thousand bags a year.

coffee is our passion and the centre of our business: we import, roast and sell only what we believe to be the best coffees available worldwide.

Our way of operating is as simple as it is rare: we are a micro-roasting that uses only very selected coffees.

We roast a maximum of four kilograms at a time, only after receiving the customer's order in order to guarantee freshness and quality.

We pack the coffee after roasting in high quality bags with freshness saving valve and send it to the customer immediately after.

We spend countless hours perfecting the roasting profile for each coffee before adding it to our collections.

We use a traditional drum roaster, but equipped with extremely advanced temperature control systems to ensure consistent and repeatable results.

In conclusion, we are proud to use an approach to roasting that does not yield to cheaper and faster methods, to the need to produce ever greater volumes or at ever lower costs.

Our goal is to create a unique product, which allows you to fully experience the flavours of the territory and the aromas of each coffee. And we proudly believe that we have succeeded.