Joey Skate Reclaim Create

How was the business founded, what was the inspiration?

Inspired through seeing other makers in the US and Germany, I priced some up and soon realised I couldn’t afford what they were asking for a tamper handle. So I decided to try making them myself. I made one and posted photos on Instagram and CFUK, this raised interest and one thing let to another. I had a few commissions through the forum, gradually leading to larger projects such as complete machine sets. Then at LCF 2018 a forum member passed my details on to a tamper manufacturer who wanted to work with me. I started to realise that this could turn into something, so SkateReclaimCreate was born. Having been a skateboarder since the age of 14, it feels amazing to be able to still be involved with skateboards and skateboarding.

What's your favourite part about working at the business?

My favourite part is when I collect the boards and then explain what I plan to do with them. It’s great showing photos and being able to demonstrate what can be done with the discarded boards.

What's your proudest accomplishment?

I haven’t won any awards as such, but I had the pleasure of making a trophy for a local skateboard competition where I made a replica skateboard wheel from broken skateboards. This was a great event and got the local community involved so being a part of that was a pleasure.

What three words best describe your business?

It's all in the title... Skate - Reclaim - Create.

What’s your favourite place to enjoy a coffee, and what coffee would that be?

Favorite places to enjoy coffee (apart from home) would be out in the field at work. I rarely have time to go to coffee shops being busy with the business, building work at home and being a dad to two young boys. I plan to visit my local places though such as ‘Off the ground coffee’ over in middlesbrough and ‘relish cafe’ in redcar.

When drinking coffee, I usually go for a flat white and espresso. Perks me right up when I need to dig deep when making. I tend to aim for lighter roasts so will go for the LSOL offerings through the forums or order in. Recently I’ve been into the Costa Rican from my local roasters. Dota Tarrazu - hermosa honey. Slightly leaning towards a medium roast but still delicious.

Finally, what Dog & Hat combination would you choose?

I have a lab so it’s the lab and bowler hat for me.

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