A Stove-Top uses the pressure method of brewing coffee, whereby water under high-pressure is passed through a bed of ground coffee to extract the flavour.

This method has a number of perceived disadvantages over the other, more popular, pressure method - Espresso.  The primary one being that the water gets so hot that it tends to draw out the more undesirable characteristics of even the best coffee.

Filter Mechanism

As the Stove-Top utilises the pressure method of brewing, there is no filter.

Grind Profile

A fine ground coffee will work best for this method

  1. Grind 20g coffee per 100ml of water just before brewing begins (although the design of the device tends to limit you to both the amount of coffee and water required)
  2. Boil a kettle of fresh water
  3. Fill the reservoir section of the Stove-Top with the boiled water
  4. Place the coffee grinds in the basket and locate in the reservoir
  5. Carefully assemble the rest of the machine, ensure that all parts are present, correct, and in good working order
  6. Place the Stove-Top on a medium heat – you want to try to brew as slowly as possible and this tends to mean less heat is needed
  7. Once the Stove-Top makes its characteristic whistling noise, that's your cue to stop
  8. Rinse the base of the brewer under cold water to reduce pressure in the device
  9. Pour your coffee and enjoy