May Subscription - Shipping 18th May

The May Big Give Away

This month we have decided to include a big 'in box' give away.  In your box this month you will receive three 'blue star' giveaway tickets, so keep an eye out for these and keep them safe! Dog and Hat has no idea who has received which tickets, so you will need to claim your prize. The winning tickets will be listed next to each prize below after the draw on the 2nd June. Anyone on the International Subscription will be emailed their tickets.

If you have a winning ticket you will need to send us a picture of the winning ticket to claim your prize, then we will post it out to you! 

This draw will be made on Thursday 2nd June at 4pm on Instagram and the winners documented below and we will drop you all an email.

So here is a list of the prizes we are giving away, all brand new of course! 

Good Luck Team Subscribers! 

 Prize Winning Ticket Number
Melitta Aromaboy (yellow)
Timemore Nano Espresso Scales
Timemore Basic Plus Filter Scales
Lindfield Coffee Canister and Cups
Rhinoware Coffee Hand Grinder
Kiss the Hippo Keep Cup
Espresso Travel Press
Timemore U French Press
Sip and Slurp Freda Yuan (book)
Dog and Hat Cupping Spoon
2 Fangfoss 200ml Cups (blue)
1 Month free subscription 
1 Month free subscription 


The winners will be chosen using a random selector for the entire number range issued.

Eeeeeeeek, exciting hey?!