Kiss the Hippo - Donna Blend [TRADITIONAL]



50% Brazil - Savara Washed

50% Columbia Planadas, Washed 







Roast Profile


Tasting Notes

Notes of Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Walnut.

Coffee Facts

The Donna Espresso Blend is our nod towards a more traditional coffee flavour. First, we find coffees that have the inherent characteristics of deep chocolate, with low acidity and lots of body. We then roast a little darker than our other coffees, to the point where the natural sugars are browned to a dark caramel quality. Donna tastes robust and strong, but still allows the unique characteristics of East Timor and Peru San Fernando to shine through.

The coffee Lacau, from East Timor, is the result of the hard work of a cooperative producer group who collectively tend, pick and process their farms. The word Lacau is a conjunction in the local Mambi language, with “la” meaning “to go” and “cau” meaning “pulling”– a reference to the picking of the coffee. In Donna, Lacau gives the coffee a natural sweetness which we roast into a deep, dark caramel.

The Peruvian coffee San Fernando comes from producers in two isolated valleys in the Andes, belonging to the cooperative from which the coffee gets its name. The history of cooperatives in Peru goes back decades, and their collaborative nature is central to what makes Peru one of coffee’s most crowd-pleasing and reliable origins. The Peruvian coffee profile is all about balance and light sweetness, and San Fernando is all that and more: a calm acidity supports light caramel notes, underlining a creamy body with a gentle chocolate note throughout.