Steampunk - Ancelmo Vera Peru [Roast Date 8/9/10th April]



El Paraiso, Huabal Peru






1850 masl

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Notes of Clementine and Toffee

Coffee Facts

Every spring we look forward to our annual Peruvian microlot. Always remarkably sweet with balanced acidity, these coffees are delicious and truly unique. 

This year we’re excited to be selling most of our Peruvian coffee to our friends Dave and Su at Dog & Hat for their fantastic coffee subscription box. We get their box every month so that we can taste what folks are roasting around the UK and Europe. This will be the third time we’ve roasted for Dog & Hat. It’s been exciting to watch them grow over the years! 

Ancelmo Vera has been a coffee farmer for around 25 years. His 2.75 hectare farm, El Cedro, is located high in the mountains in the picturesque region known as El Paraiso. Due to the high altitude - 1,850 m.a.s.l. - Vera's coffee cherries ripen over an extended period, from late May to September. Coffees from Peru land in the U.K. starting in late January with the final containers usually coming in March. 

El Paraiso is an ideal region for coffee cultivation, but its remote location presents challenges, including high transportation costs. After Vera processes his coffee he hires a truck to drive his harvest the four hours to Jaén. This year heavy rains washed out the road from his farm, though, which increased his costs. 

Like most of the Peruvian lots we’ve had over the last five years, Vera’s coffee comes to us through the importer, Falcon coffee. At their warehouse in Jaén smallholders deliver their harvest, receive feedback and get paid straight away according to a transparent payscale linked to quality. Falcon’s Peru operations have grown a lot in the time we’ve been buying from them. They currently work with 275 farmers and employ 10 full time staff.