Steampunk - Brazil Basecamp [TRADITIONAL]




Red Catuai




1,100 masl

Roast Profile


Taste Notes

Notes of cashews, almonds and milk chocolate, with a creamy body and brown sugar sweetness.

Coffee Facts

This mellow profile is perfect for a satisfying daily brew (or two). And, if you want a reliably full coffee canister in the mornings, you can sign up for our Basecamp subscription to get beans shipped to you regularly without even having to think about it. 

Sítio Rocinha is owned and managed by Demétrio Flaviano De Oliveira. The farm was acquired by Demétrio’s father in 1962. The family began cultivating coffee in 1970 and since then they’ve grown the farm and coffee has become their primary source of income.

This is the first coffee we’ve purchased from a new specialty Brazil importer called Unic. Founded in 2021 the company has just four employees, but seems to be growing quickly, probably due in no small part to how excellent their coffee is. It’s hard to be competitive in the Brazilian coffee market because it’s so large. Brazil exports more coffee than any other country in the world, so buyers have a lot of options.