Hello February! 

It it is with great pleasure that this month we welcome the subscribers from Indy Coffee Box onto our platform, so lets give a huge Dog and Hat welcome to these subscribers, so there are a few more of us now!

This is a blog where we detail the coffee that is coming to subscribers each month. So as a reminder a Dog and Hat subscriber you can buy more bags of any of the coffee available as one off though the members area.

So this month we are pleased to feature TATE who roast in the historic grounds of the Tate Briton. Home to Tate’s Gender Equality Coffee Project (GEP) where they buy equal coffee off male and female producers. They also run Slot Roasting Collective our WWII Nissen Hut Roastery is a vibrant community-led non-profit business that helps fund Tate Gallery and champion coffee producers and professionals of all genders throughout the coffee value chain. Tate is an executive non-departmental public body and an exempt charity. 

A full list of all coffee details can be found here.

Tate (London) Guatemala Honey (SCA – 85.5)

A few months ago Ghilyon called me and said he was head roaster from the TATE, he went to on to explain in great detail why we should feature TATE in the subscription and his passion and excellence for his role shone though like a beacon, so they were booked in pretty quickly. Ghilyon previously of Flying Horse Coffee and 39 Steps Coffee Roaster who we have had in the subscription.

So this is a Guatemala Honey processed, sporting notes of Caramelised Biscuit, Cranberry and Fruit Cake, we have found this a versatile coffee and easy to use.

Tate Collective's Open Call invited 16-25 year olds to create artworks for our coffee labels. Each entry was inspired by Coffee by Tate's values of quality, community and gender equality. This label titled Senses was designed by Emma Olivia Buzzard. Well done Emma! 

All our 'main' subscription members will be receiving this omni-roast coffee to enjoy.

Cast Iron (Chichester) Honduras Washed (SCA – 85)

Cast Iron offer a lovely Honduras with notes on Raspberry Jam, Prosecco and Passion Fruit. I have been to the Cast Iron stand at many an event and it has always been heaving so we knew the coffee was good! They have been lovely to work with and I find their packaging different, which is nice.

This from Carlos Alberto Portillo Flores Farm - Over the years Carlos' father bought parts of his farm and her continued working with coffee and improving the plantations. When Carlos turned 22, his father decided to give him part of his farm and this year, for the first time, he prepared his first own micro-lot of Bourbon and Parainema.

All our 'Assorted' and 'Filter' 'main' subscription members will be receiving this omni-roast coffee to enjoy.

Cast Iron (Chichester) Rwanda Washed

Our Espresso 'main' subscription members will be receiving a washed Rwanda coffee from the Nyakabingo washing station with sweet notes of Apple, Caramel and Hibiscus.

Rounton Coffee Roasters (Rounton) Uganda Natural (SCA 85)

Dog and Hat have tried a range of Uganda this year and said no to a lot of them, this one however stands out, it’s a Natural and roasted to perfection on the first sample. I didn’t agree with the Black Tea notes when I opened the bag, but it bounced out of the cup when I tried it.

This has taste notes of Black Tea and Apricot, and is a amazing coffee

Dog and Hat see quite a lot of Rounton, they come to cupping events here and we visit their events, they are such a lovely bunch.

All our Bag 3 and 4 members will be receiving this coffee.

Milk and Beans (Milton Keynes) Ethiopia Washed (SCA 87.5)

This is lovely Ethiopia from the Farmers of the Duromina co-operative in the Jimma region of Ethiopia, Duromia mean to ‘improve lives. This is a single lot coffee and the highest scoring SCA in the subscription this month.

This has notes of Floral Peach and Sweet Lemon Tea.

All our Bag 4 members will be receiving this coffee.

Dialled In Traditional

Traditional this months is the famous Granary Blend from Rounton, which has a cult following and Cast Irons Unity Blend. Both blends including Brazil.

Dialled In Decaf 

This month the decaffeinated is supplied by Cast Iron and Tate and are both Columbias. Its quite tricky to get different origins for decaffeinated.

The Tate has notes of  Cherry, Orange and Baker's Chocolate, and the Cast Iron  Red Fruits, Brown Sugar and Chocolate. The Cast Iron is a Swiss Water Decaffeinated, and if you want to try decaffeinated this is nice processing method to try.


Dave Morgan