Welcome to March, only seems like only yesterday we shipped the February subscriptions, I guess a short month.. full of birthdays here, so I have made a lot of cakes and cooked a lot of food! 

FINALLY...This month we are pleased to have A Matter of Concrete coming in from Rotterdam. This one has been  a long time coming…we have been speaking to Rob who won the Coffee Masters at the London Coffee festival pre pandemic in 2019, and we have been trying to source a coffee for months!

Next its our good friends UE Coffee Roasters from Witney, Oxfordshire who kindly agreed to not pack in their boxes and have created a label for the bag just for us as we no longer allow boxes into the subscription. 

Then new to us we have Cold blow from Kent, who are utterly lovely and our friends Carve from Swanage.

Click for a full list of all coffee details here.

A.M.O.C Ethiopia Washed  (SCA – 87)

I love the name of the roaster, I have always found that some names just stand out in a crowd. Although I have just emailed Rob to ask where the name came from, I understand it relates to the brutalist building they are in, but will confirm in the booklet.

A.M.O.C is roasting on the state-of-the-art Loring S35 Kestrel, one of the most energy efficient coffee roasters around. Their energy supplier has Gold Standard certification (meaning CO2 neutral gas and only electricity from renewable sources) and AMOC try to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever they can... we love this in a roaster.

The coffee is a washed Ethiopia from Bette Buna's Taferi Kela farm in the Sidama region of Ethiopia and sports notes of Marzipan, Bergamot and Rooibos.

All our 'main' subscription members will be receiving this omni-roast coffee to enjoy.

UE Coffee Roasters Burundi Washed (SCA – 84.5)

They have found us a Burundi that’s works really well in the sub, and the team have agrees to create a special label just for us and not include boxes which is great, so a huge thank you for this. Aaron at UE has been super helpful throughout the process, so it you ever meet him at a show say hello.

The Burundi has notes of Marmalade, Red Apple and Vanilla, I have a V60 here now and as it cools it has great real taste of apple.

This fully washed lot is from smallholder producers on Shikakoni Hill in Kayanza. These farmers work with Cafex, a project launched by a Belgian-Burundian couple that wanted to combine the coffee production of their ancestral lands with sustainable development and a desire to improve the lives of the local population.

All our 'main' subscription members will be receiving this omni-roast coffee to enjoy.

Cold Blow Coffee (Kent) Guatemala (SCA 85)

Well these guys are super excited to be in the subscription.." on the backroads of deepest Kent, you’ll find Coldblow Coffee.  Our Corner of an old industrial workshop sees some of the word’s finest speciality coffee hand roasted with pride.  Up here, left to our own devices, we immerse ourselves in this dark art and it’s infinite variables" 😊

Cold Blow have sourced us a La Bolsa Guatemala for with notes of Notes of Summer Fruits, White Grape and Honey, the initial samples were great, this roaster does know their metrics.

All our Bag 3 and 4 members will be receiving this coffee.

Carve (SWANAGE) Mexico Natural (SCA 85)

Carve Coffee Roasters is a Dorset based company set up by adventure lovers, Will and Sophie. Inspired by the great outdoors and fuelled by world class coffee. We wanted to create a company where our love for adventure and our journey to share speciality coffee could be combined and… whatever coffer we get from them is always well presented and well roasted. PLUS they have a Springer called Roxy.

Will and Sophie are supplying a Mexico with flavour note of  Funky Mandarin, Blackcurrant and Grape Beautiful Finca Guadalupe Zaju occupies 310 hectares right on Chiapas, Mexico’s famed ‘Ruta de Cafe’. This ‘Route of Coffee’ rides along the Guatemalan border, north from the border town of Tapachula, through Mexico’s famed Soconusco region.

All our Bag 4 members will be receiving this coffee.

Dialled In Traditional

Traditional this months is the UE Solidarity Blend with coffee from Brazil, Columbia and Honduras and Cold Blows Columbia Framework Espresso.

Dialled In Decaf 

Traditional this month is the UE Columbia Decaffeinated and Cold Blows Columbia decaffeinated.

Susanna Morgan