Hello all,

Dialling-in some of these coffees from Friedhats was interesting and prompted me to ask a lot of people a lot of questions. The Colombia espresso and both filters we pretty much as expected, but the Brazil caught us out.

We start by looking at the roast profile, this usually gives a good idea of where to begin in regards to grind size, however if you look at the laurina (brazil) its roast appears fairly light - Don't be fooled by the appearance, this little coffee seems to behave very differently as it is extracted. We don't know why, just yet, perhaps it is its variety or I could be related to its anaerobic processing. This means while on paper the coffee is perfectly extracted, it tastes over extracted. We have taken this into consideration and the recipe for the Brazil reflect this. 

These are just guidelines that we found made a nice tasting (subjective), well extracted (objective) coffee using our setup – please don’t stop experimenting and finding the best tasting coffee for you.

Coffee grinder, dialled in



Our testing setup consists of an EK43 and a Sage DTP for espresso and our filter parameters are for the AeroPress (inverted with paper filter).


ESPRESSO, Brazil - EK2.2, 18g, 36g, 23 sec - we'd class this as 'medium to course'
ESPRESSO, Colombia - EK2.1, 18g, 36g, 23 sec -  we'd class this as 'medium '
FILTER, Brazil - EK3.8, 10g, 150g - we'd class this as 'fine'
FILTER, Brazil - EK3.7, 10g, 150g - we'd class this as 'fine'
Ellie Turnbull


Thanks for the guidelines. What was the water temperature for the espressos?

— Rajinder Gill