Great coffee doesn't need to be over-complicated!  Great coffee doesn't need expensive equipment!

For those out there that like the idea of improving the quality of the coffee they drink, but think they'll need to buy a lot of fancy equipment first... think again.  You don't need to spend hundreds of pounds of a state of the art bean to cup espresso machine... but you certainly can if you want to.

You can make fantastic coffee with the most basic of equipment.  The most important element is the coffee itself, not the equipment - and this is where you should focus your efforts.

Step 1 - Grind the beans

When you join Dog and Hat as a Founder Member, we'll provide you with a free travel hand grinder in your first delivery to ensure that everyone can enjoy our whole bean-only subscriptions.  Job done.  If you decide you want to move to an electric grinder later on, there are plenty available out there at a reasonable price.

Step 2 - Brew the coffee

You can pick up a Hario V60 Coffee Dripper (Brewing Guide) and filter papers for a little under £10... take a look at our Whole Bean Starter Kit (Starter Kit).

You can pick up a French Press (Brewing Guide) from your local supermarket for £5.

You can buy a stove-top brewer (Brewing Guide) for less than £10.

Step 3 - Enjoy your coffee

All of these methods will allow you to take the amazing coffees that you'll receive in each delivery from Dog and Hat, and brew a great cup of coffee without breaking the bank, or taking all day

Susanna Morgan