Happy New Year Y’all.

Hope you all had a lovely break, we had a lovely long break and have been itching to get back to work in the new year!

A little while ago I got an email from HAYB in Poland, such a lovely email saying how much they love what we do and how can they get involved! I actually didn’t immediately reply to Nick at Hay B and he send another email 3 days later telling me to reply as he wanted to meet us! So I called him instead and he was the loveliest person, and we great to deal with, and I am excited to have them in the subscription, they have been very diligent about their coffee! 

Carringtons are coming in next to HAYB, they went out specially to find us a PNG, they send us several roast profiles so we could select the best on to suit our customers. Suzy and Alex have come a long way since their initial contact with us, having opened a new roastery and gaining a lot more customers.

For our Bag 3 subscribers we have a returning customer favourite in the form of Tom and the team at Red Bank Coffee with a fantastic Washed Kenya.  For our Bag 4 subscribers we welcome Unica from Bristolinto the subscription with a floral and fruity Yellow-Honey processed Costa Rica.

Don't forget to click the link to see the January Coffee subscription coffee in more detail.

Remember, if there are any coffees you are not receiving in your subscription option, but you like the look of, head over to the members area and add-on a bag or two.

HAYB Coffee (Warsaw - Poland) – Columbia Natural - SCA 85

In a stunning green bag is this Columbia, that stood out cupping table across all the coffee that HAYB had sent us. Sporting Tropical Fruits notes, this is a quite bouncy number (anyone that was on the International with us last year, we had this coffee from Abracadabra in the USA). This is farmed by Rodrigo Sanchez who took over the farm in Lo Loma in 2011, In 2017, Rodrigo and his team at Aromas del Sur—the company built to unify all the farms he owns and manages: La Loma, El Progreso, and Monteblanco—constructed a cupping lab on La Loma to facilitate sample roasting, crop evaluation, and sourcing at origin. The lab overlooks the farm and the valley of Pitalito, with coffee trees and other crops dotting the rolling landscape.

All our 'main' subscription members will be receiving this omni-roast coffee to enjoy.

Carringtons (Carnforth – Lancashire) – Papua New Guinea Washed - SCA 82.5

Suzy and Alex and the Labrador cross Sydney! sifted though a lot of coffee to find us this PNG, which is Typica, Arusha and Bourbon which had notes of Stewed Fruits and Green Apple.

This coffee is grown mainly by small holders in land that is nicked named Gardens, with only a few hectares per plot with just a few trees. Once picked coffee is pulped, and then dry fermented for 24 hours in wooden or plastic boxes before being washed and dried on sails – stretched tarpaulin drying beds. 

All our 'main' subscription members will be receiving this omni-roast coffee to enjoy.

Red Bank (Kendal – Lake District)  - Kenya Washed - SCA 86

Dog and Hat are very luck to have this Kenya in the subscription, this was offered to us by Redbank and is a superb Kenya. It bounces with Grapefruit and Blackberry.

The story of this beautiful coffee is one of youth and initiative. Gerald Njagi is a 28 year old coffee farmer who manages the Kambarare Estate in Kenya's Kirinyaga County. When we are sourcing new coffees one of the things that we look for, aside from cup quality, is that the farm is in safe hands, and that there is potential to build a relationship for years to come.

All our Bag 3 and 4 members will be receiving this coffee.

Unica (Bedminster - Bristol)  Costa Rica - SCA 86

Unica are a small Micro Roastery based in Bristol, they sell artwork and a lovely cafe. They got in touch as they love what we do, which as per HAYB means they will be great to work with, they have found us a Costa Rica Yellow Honey with notes of Pineapple and Floral, it’s a great coffee.

All our Bag 4 members will be receiving this coffee

Dialled In Traditional

This month's traditional is brought to you by Hay B Blue Espresso Blend, which is their Milk Chocolate and Marzipan offering, they sent a sample over which was so full of flavour. The second coffee coming to you in the Carringtons PB & J Blend which stand for Peanut Butter and Jam, love the name and the coffee.

Dialled In Decaf 

This month's decaf is brought to you by  HAYB, which is a washed EA Decaf, with notes of Orange and Milk Chocolate. Alongside this is a Carringtons Columbia with notes of Caramel and Orange.

Susanna Morgan