Hello December and all the jingle-bells fun that it brings!

The festive subscription took a fair amount of organising this year! We always go and collect the Christmas coffee in-person in a van which is so much fun. Therefore, not only does the route has to work but now we have to work around Royal Mail strikes and all sorts this yeah... but hey hoho it will all work out brilliantly!

We have the van booked for the 13th to collect all the coffee and expect to ship on the 15th, so a little earlier than usual, but we need to be nice and early in case of any further delay The roasters have their Christmas jumpers at the ready for the collections!

This month we have Chipp Coffee who has been a good friend of ours for a long time and Ben from Echelon bringing the first two bags of festive fun... then Shiloh are coming in for Bag 3 with Seamoor bringing a superbly roasted washed Kenya in the bag 4 slot.

If you don’t usually buy decaffeinated coffee, I can definitely recommend Chipp Coffee - their decaf is always outstanding and it’s a cut above.... I drink a lot of decafs so it’s my recommendation for an extra bag.

Don't forget to click the link to see the December Dialled in subscription coffee in more detail.

Remember, if there are any coffees you are not receiving in your subscription option, but you like the look of, head over to the members area and add-on a bag or two.

Chipp Coffee Company (Leeds – England) – Mexico Honey 86.5

This is a lovely ‘Mexico Mince Pie’ coffee as it bursts Stewed berries, Cinnamon and Sweet Pastry and its tasting notes. The coffee is grown in a relatively flat area which is home to a huge array of wildlife including wild turkeys, hummingbirds, Quetzals, Tepezcuintles (feral pigs), wildcats, Pizotes (skunk like creatures), armadillos, coral snakes, and parrots, which I had never really thought about the animals around the Mexico before, but this sounds like fun,

All our 'main' subscription members will be receiving this omni-roast coffee to enjoy.

Echelon (Leeds – England)– Rwanda  Washed - 86

Echelon was founded in 2018 and is made up of Ben and his dog Fred, they are a long-standing friends of Dog and Hat and I understand there is now a baby in Ben's life, so it's all go here!

In their new shiny pink bags with a bit of Christmassy feel come Echelon with a Rwanda with notes of Orange and Floral Milk Chocolate (think Terry's Chocolate Orange) - it feels like the perfect partner for Chipps Mince Pies. This one is a really smooth drinking coffee, working well as an omni for all our 'main' subscription members to enjoy.

Shiloh (Leeds – England) Columbia – Washed 86

Mark and Jean are also based just over in Leeds, and we popped down to their roastery to see them a little while ago and it’s a lovely space.  However, I understand they plans ahead for something new, as soon as we have more information, we will tell you all about this big move they are making!

After a few samples from Mark, we decided on the Columbia, which has stand out Red Plum flavour notes. It’s a omni roast and easy to work with. Pleased to finally have Shiloh in the subscription as they are a great roaster and we have lived so close to them for so long!

All our Bag 3 and 4 members will be receiving this coffee.

Seamoor (Bradwell – England)  Kenya 87.5

Seamoor were another subscriber recommendation, and the first samples to arrive here were just spot on, which is always good to see so we are excited to showcase this roaster.

The Kenya, they have send it fruity, with notes of Dates and Fig, it’s a light medium roast with a fair amout of clarity.

All our Bag 4 members will be receiving this coffee

Dialled In Traditional

This month's traditional is brought to you by Chipp with his famous Highwire Blend and Shiloh with a special Dog and Hat Christmas Blend, two strong traditional coffee here.

The High Wire blend includes of the famous Cetec Brazil, whichis always out standout and Columbia coffee. The Shiloh is a blend of Rwanda and India monsoon, with notes of Plum and Hazelnut.

Dialled In Decaf 

This month's decaf is brought to you by Chipp Coffee which is a washed EA, and has notes of Coca, Honey, and Sweet fruits.

The second coffee is brough to you from Shiloh and is a CO2 Decaf, puled Natural with notes of fruit and Milk Chocolate.

Susanna Morgan