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Firstly we hope everyone is still staying safe and well during these strange times.

Since we started Dog and Hat back in 2017 some months have just been plain sailing - they run smoothly and we don't hit any challenges... then there are some that definitely don't follow this pattern.

The coffee we've chosen this month is designed to reflect those more challenging months and return, in some small way, the kindness we've received and continue to receive from the awesome folk in the coffee and hospitality industry.

  • The first two roasters we're featuring this month have both stepped up and gone above and beyond to help us recover from coffee delivery issues.
  • The third roaster believed in us early on and was part of our very first subscription box that we shipped.
  • Finally, we have a new roaster that has spent the past few weeks of lock-down cycling around his home city keeping people caffeinated. 

Those on the subscription already know how much we love Edinburgh (as a city and also for its coffee scene), and one of our very favourite coffee spots in the city is Fortitude Coffee in York Place.  We first featured Fortitude Coffee Roasters back in our July 2018 subscription and we unfortunately encountered a courier issue getting the coffee to us.  Matt at Fortitude then took the decision to leave before the crack of dawn the next morning and drive 200 miles each way to meet us at Washington Services on the M1 to hand over the coffee on the overpass (in a scene reminiscent of Layer Cake).  This meant that we had lots of happy subscribers that month who received their coffee on time.  Also, just before the lock-down kicked in, Matt had just opened his second coffee shop on Hamilton Place in the Stockbridge area of Edinburgh and we can't wait to finally get a chance to head up and visit the new cafe once this is all over.

The coffee we have included from Fortitude this month is a sweet washed coffee from San Ignacio in the Cajamarca region of Peru.  This coffee comes with notes of Mango and Cherry Cola and was a staple of the Fortitude coffee shops prior to lock-down.

All our members will be receiving this Omni-Roast coffee to enjoy equally well on Filter or Espresso.


We've been working with the Dave's at Rounton for a long time now and when the Beast from the East struck back in February 2018 we had a shipment of coffee  delayed and then lost inbound from Germany.  Thankfully we were able to put a call into Dave B and they worked through the night to get us a set of coffee to replace the original... which we then drove up in a snowstorm to collect from the roastery (it really is a beautiful part of the world, even buried under 6 inches of snow).

Rounton also run three coffee shops in North Yorkshire that have been closed since the lock-down hit.

The coffee we have chosen from Rounton is the natural processed Huye Mountain coffee from the Huye district in Southern Rwanda.  This coffee is full of Blackcurrant and Vanilla and works brilliantly across all brew methods.

All our members will also be receiving this Omni-Roast coffee.

Dear Green

Way back when we started in 2017 we were looking for roasters to work with, and not everyone was keen.  Dear Green, however, could be more helpful and accommodating to work with us on our very first subscription.

Their Goosedubbs blend also holds the 'Farmer's Fancy Coffee' award with Su's Dad uttering the immortal words - "By 'eck that's a tasty coffee" and is rightly served in many many coffee shops around Scotland.

Dear Green also organise the wonderful Glasgow Coffee Festival, which should have been on this weekend but has had to be postponed... We hope to be able to get up to to Glasgow in October for the rescheduled date. 

This month we are happy to bring them back into the sub with their washed coffee from the Jalapa region of South West Guatemala.

All our 3 bag members will be receiving this Omni-Roast coffee with notes of Cherry, Dark Chocolate and Marzipan.

Lost Horizon

One of the things we love here at Dog and Hat and that we keep getting asked for as part of our subscription is to showcase up and coming new roasters.  This month we are happy to introduce you all to Kit, founder and head roaster at Lost Horizon Coffee in Bristol.

Those that have been with us a while may remember that we featured another roaster from Bristol and in a quirk of fate, while Bunaberry are unfortunately no longer with us, Kit took ownership of their old Mill City roaster to carry on its roasting journey.

Kit is certainly full of energy and has spent the best part of lock-down cycling around his home city of Bristol delivering coffee.  He is also passionate about the environment and the carbon footprint of his coffee's journey has been offset twice - including boiling the kettle to brew it. 

We are including a complex washed Omni-Roast coffee from the Kayanza region of Burundi for all our 4 bag members to enjoy with its notes of Jasmine and Honey.

Dialled In Dark(er)

The Dialled In Dark(er) members this month will be getting a Brazil from Lost Horizon and Dear Green's Goosedubbs blend of Brazil, Colombia and Honduras.

Dialled In Decaf

Fortitude will be making an appearance this month with their Colombia E.A. Decaffeinated and Rounton will also be shipping us their Brazil Sparkling Water Decaffeinated coffee.

Dave Morgan