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Well, these are crazy times we live in, but we are going to continue with our plans as best as possible. However, with the fast changing nature of the Covid-19 crisis our plans this month are subject to change, but if anything does happen we will let people know as soon as we can.

This month we take a return trip to Amsterdam to include one of the most exciting speciality coffee roasters in Europe in the subscription - Friedhats.

Joining Friedhats will be one of the UKs most popular and consistently excellent roasters - Dave at Crankhouse Coffee down in Exeter along with Zach Chipp at Chipp coffee in Leeds (and Edinburgh) and finally we have Limini Coffee from West Yorkshire.


This month we have a couple of competitions running:

First up we have the Rum Baba photo contest - simply post on social media (or email us) your most creative photo of your Rum Baba coffee and the winning entry will receive a great 80's-style Rum Baba coffee mug.

Then the good people over at Chipp Coffee have offered our subscribers the chance to design the coffee bag label for the Fazenda Cetec Brazil shipping in the May subscriptions.  Once again, post your efforts on social (or email us) and the winning design will grace the front of our Chipp Coffee bags.


Whenever we ask our subscribers to tell us their dream roasters, Friedhats always make an appearance in the list.  So we are really happy to finally showcase Lex Wenneker (3 times Dutch Barista champion, 2016 World Barista finalist and 2018 World Barista runner-up) and Dylan Sedgwick's Amsterdam roastery along with their unique packaging.

The coffee we have chosen is their Kena natural processed Ethiopia from Odo Shakiso in the Guji zone.  This coffee is wonderfully floral with grape and winey tasting notes.

As is typical for European roasters, they roast a separate profile for Filter and Espresso.  All our Espresso and Assorted members will be receiving the Espresso profile and all our Filter members will be receiving the Filter profile.


Working away on the South West peninsula we once again bring you the roasting prowess of Dave Stanton and his Crankhouse Coffee roastery.  Dave's coffee always goes down well with our members and is an often sought after roaster with our membership.

The coffee we have selected is Dave's classically-styled washed Colombia from the Raw Material's Red Associations project in the Caldas region.

All our members will be receiving this Omni-Roast coffee to enjoy.

Chipp Coffee

Zach Chipp has been providing coffee consultancy for many years and has recently started putting his skills to work at his own roasting company in Leeds along with his brother Alastair.

The coffee we have selected is another interesting first for us - a natural anaerobic fermentation processed coffee from Brazil.  This processing method leads to a very un-Brazilian set of flavour notes that are a joy to taste - Floral, Strawberry and Red Fruits

All our 3 bag members will be receiving this Omni-Roast coffee.


What we love about Limini coffee (other than them being from Yorkshire) is the effort the put into sustainability across their entire operation.  They roast on an energy efficient Loring, use renewable energy to power the roastery, recycle all they can and have many more initiatives.

We have chosen their washed Rwanda coffee with juicy notes of Cranberry and Chocolate.

All our 4 bag members will be getting this Omni-Roast coffee.

Dialled In Dark(er)

The Dialled In Dark(er) members this month will be getting a Brazil from Friedhats and Crankhouse's CHX blend of Brazil and Colombia.

Dialled In Decaf

Crankhouse will be providing their Colombia E.A. Decaffeinated and Limini will be sending us their Brazil Swiss Water Decaffeinated coffee.

Dave Morgan