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This month we have a coffee that is exclusively available through Dog and Hat, two new origins (Panama and India), one new roaster (Grumpy Mule) and three returning favourites (Neighbourhood Coffee, Quarter Horse Coffee and Artisan Roast).

It's going to be another epic month!

Remember, if there's a coffee that you aren't getting in your subscription but like the look of (or if you just want more of a coffee that you are getting), you can simply add them onto your subscription as an extra bag in the members area.

Grumpy Mule

This month we have an extra special coffee, exclusive to Dog and Hat, that has been sourced and roasted by Dave and Liam at Grumpy Mule.

Grumpy Mule hold an extra special place in our hearts here at Dog and Hat as they were the roaster that got us into speciality coffee over 10 years ago - so we are thrilled to be working alongside them with such an exciting coffee.

The exclusive coffee in question is a Panama natural-process from the farm of award-winning coffee legend Graciano Gruz.  It has notes of Peach Iced Tea, Raspberry Cheesecake with a Creamy Body and Stone Fruit Acidity.

Graciano Cruz is a full-time specialty coffee farmer living at the foot of Volcan Baru, just few minutes from his main farms - Los Lajones and Emporium. He is also certified Q cupper, MBA graduate, director of many projects, father of two sons, surfer and most importantly a big proponent of high quality coffee processed with the minimum of natural resources.

If you want to get your hands on this coffee, make sure you get yourself signed-up for a subscription before the 19th October.

All our members will be receiving this omni-roast coffee.

Neighbourhood Coffee

We love working with Chris and the team over at Neighbourhood Coffee - they always put a smile on our faces with their fantastic coffee and sense of humour.

This time, they have set aside their Red honey-processed coffee from Nicaragua (Halle-Brew-Yah) for us to continue our journey through the different processing methods for you.

Honey processing bridges the gap between washed and natural coffees but is the hardest method to master - the coffee cherry is pulped and then dried with the mucilage layer still left on the parchment.  The colour label added to the honey descriptor indicates how much mucilage is left on the bean during the drying process - Yellow honey is about 25%, Red honey about 50% and Black honey 100%.

This Red-honey coffee is a great example with fruity and sweet notes of Apple, Blackberry and Caramel

It is an omni-roasted coffee that works nicely across both filter and espresso - all our members will be receiving this coffee.

Quarter Horse Coffee

Another returning favourite this month is Nathan at Quarter Horse in Birmingham.

This time he is providing a washed Costa Rica coffee from the San Francisco farm in the Cordillera Central region of Costa Rica.

This omni-roast coffee's notes of nutty chocolate biscuit with a cherry acidity provide a great contrast the other fruit bomb coffees this month.

All our 3 and 4 bag members will be receiving this coffee.

Artisan Roast

Last but not least we have a long awaited return to the subs for Artisan Roast coffee from Edinburgh.

This coffee is a wonderfully typical Ethiopia Yirgacheffe natural-process coffee from the Gedeb Zone that really draws you in with its massive hit of Blueberry, Candied Lemon and Raspberry... it really is a mouth-watering coffee 

This coffee will be going to all our 4 bag members.

Dialled In Dark(er)

First up for the Dark(er) sub this month is another new origin for us from Quarter Horse - India. This coffee comes with big walnut and dark chocolate notes and a subtle taste of cinnamon.

Next up we have Artisan Roasts Janszoon blend.  This blend of Sumatra, Brazil and Rwanda coffee is designed to show milk who's boss with notes of massive chocolate notes.

Dialled In Decaf

For our decaf subscribers we have a Colombia E.A. decaf from Rounton and a Brazil CO2 decaf from Quarter Horse.

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