Hi everyone, on the Dog and Hat Coffee subscription we always include our Dialled-In grind size settings in the booklet for each of the coffees every month to help you start making the most of the coffee straight away.

This month we had a slight challenge as the final production sample of the Onyx Coffee Labs Ethiopia coffee was delayed getting to us (it was stuck in a container longer than hoped) so we didn't have time to include the settings in this month's booklet before it went off to print.

However, please find the settings below.

  • Filter Grind - 4.3 (Coarse)
  • Espresso Grind - 2.3 (Coarse)

As with the majority of Northern American roasted coffee, you'll notice that it is slightly more developed than most UK and European coffee that we typically include in the sub - this just how the US and Canadian market enjoys their coffee.  We actually really like this approach too, as you still get a tasty coffee and it is also much easier to work with.  You'll find that with very light roasted coffees you tend to have a very small window in which to make great coffee, but with a more developed profile, that window expands.

We hope you enjoy this taste of the USA and all the other coffees this month as well.

Dave Morgan