Welcome to the second part of our 4th birthday celebrations... it was just all too big to fit into the August edition of the coffee subscription, so here we are.

We can't express just how excited we are to have this month's first headliner joining us to continue the celebrations... so please give a huge, enormous, Dog and Hat welcome to Onyx Coffee Labs from Rogers, Arkansas, USA.

We have had the pleasure of working with Onyx a couple of times before, but only on a very small scale... so we, Lance Hedrick and the rest of the team over at Onyx have really pulled out all the stops to allow us to bring them in for you all to enjoy this month... and just wait till you see what coffee they've found for us as well - it's a beauty.

Joining them in this month's subscription we are featuring three new roasters - Brew Coffee Plus from London, River City Coffee from Hull and Lindfield Coffee Works from Lindfield, West Sussex.


All the roasters this month have really gone the extra mile to make this another great month, so if you are on social media please do post up as many photos and stories as you can, we'll all really love seeing them.

Don't forget to click the link to see the September Dialled In subscription coffee in more detail.

Onyx Coffee Lab (Rogers, Arkansas, USA) - Ethiopia Washed

We did say that Onyx have found us a beauty and here it is - the Hambela Buku washed coffee from the Guji zone region of Ethiopia.  This amazing, complex coffee is.

The Onyx approach to coffee is great and the focus they put on sourcing, fairness and transparency is second to none... if you head to their website you can see the cost of the coffee at every step of it's journey.

Again, Lance and the team have really gone the extra mile to get this coffee for us, so do please show lots of love on social media for this once in a subscription lifetime coffee.  A quick note, this coffee will be weighing in at 250g not the normal USA 10oz bag size.

All our subscribers will be enjoying this 87 point scoring omni-roast coffee this month on the main subscription.

Brew Coffee Plus (London) - Guatemala Washed

Brew Coffee Plus are based down in the Lambeth region of South West London and they are another roaster with a focus on working with the best importers to ensure fairness across the supply chain.

The coffee we have for you this in this month's subscription is an Organic-certified washed coffee from the Baja Verapaz region of Guatemala.  This lovely, clean coffee has notes of Apple, Vanilla and Biscuit... but to us it tastes just like Apple Crumble and Custard - which can only be a good thing in our opinion.

All our members will be receiving this 85.5 point scoring omni-roast coffee to enjoy.

River City Coffee (Hull) - Uganda Natural

Just a stones throw down the A1079 from us lies River City Coffee in Hull. Matt and the team have been roasting away down there for the last 6 years and once we saw they had one of our favourite coffees on their menu we got in touch straight away.

The coffee we have chosen for you this month is the Uganda Rwenzori Mountains natural processed coffee.  It is a big, fruit forward natural coffee full of notes of Strawberry Ice-cream and Caramel.

All our 3 and 4 bag members will be receiving this 86 point scoring omni-roast coffee (this is a 225g bag)

Lindfield Coffee Works (Lindfield, West Sussex) - Nicaragua Washed

We absolutely fell in love with Lindfield Coffee Works as soon as we caught sight of their mascot, Lenny the Duck, and had to get hold of some samples from Kris.

Out of the samples that he sent us over, we really liked the clean and simple notes of the washed Nicaragua Los Bucaros that helps balance out the subscription this month.

This coffee comes with notes of Apple, Hazelnut and Cacao for an easy drinking filter or espresso.

All our 4 bag subscribers will be receiving this 85 point scoring omni-roast coffee.

Dialled In Traditional

Our traditional subscribers will be receiving Onyx Coffee Labs 'Southern Weather' blend which is their 'house coffee' which is a blend of coffee from Colombia and Ethiopia and has notes of Milk Chocolate, Plum and Candied Walnut.

Alongside Onyx we have River City Coffee and their Nicaragua washed Single Origin from the Fincas Mierisch farm with notes of Marhmallow, Fig and Red Grape.

Dialled In Decaf

For our decaf members, we will be sending out a Colombia E.A. Decaf from Onyx with notes of Vanilla, Plum and Candied Pecan.

Alongside Onyx we have River City Coffee and their Central American blend CO2 Decaf with notes of Stone Fruit, Chocolate and Nuts.

Dave Morgan