We tested the Felicita Square kettle for a week, here’s what we think. 

It’s quick, we found that it heats 400ml of water to 94o in 2 minutes and 11s, our Brewista kettle, a 1ltr has a much larger heating area is only about 10 sec faster. It has a 600ml, which for home brewing is easily enough.

The Felicita looks great with its matt black finish and shiny silver interior, as for design and build quality, the kettle is well designed for and even and slow pour with a steeply angled gooseneck and balanced handle. I was sceptical at first as the spout diameter is much wider than my kettle at home, however its actually really hard to pour too fast. The handle is designed to help you pour at the correct rate. 

All the controls are on a single touch sensitive dial, here you can set the temperature, turn on the keep warm setting and put the kettle on standby. The centre of the dial displays the current temperature, once turned you can select the preferred brew temp.

My favourite feature of this kettle is the base plate. Where the kettle sits on the base is lined with silicone, so there is no awkward clunk, only a satisfying beep. It’s the small things.

Overall the Felicita square looks good and will fit easily on most kitchen counters, it’s pleasant to use and lovely to pour with. I’ve been loving using this kettle, so much so that I’ve gone without my daily espresso just so I can have an extra brew with the Felicita.

Find it here - Felicita Square Temperature Control Electric Brew Kettle – Dog & Hat Coffee (dogandhat.co.uk)

Ellie Turnbull





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