Aeropress PUCK PUCK


AeroPress attachment for slow drip ice coffee  
  • Turn your Aeropress coffee maker into a cold brew system easily with the PuckPuck. If you have an Aeropress and want the next easy adapter, then this is the one! Perfect gift for the Aeropress and Coffee Lover.
  • The PuckPuck has been designed to work with a 500ml Water Vessel or certain types of mineral water bottles so you can travel light
  • Slow dripped coffee is brewed using cold water rather than hot. The gentler extraction process creates a smooth and sweet flavour which tastes great on its own, with milk or used as a mixer in a cocktail.
  • This patented twist adjust valve creates a seamless adjustment control so you can calibrate the settings to your personal preference. This Slow drip method of making cold brewed coffee creates a naturally sweet flavoured drink.