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Danilo Perez 200 hour Anaerobic Fermentation Colombia - La Cabana



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Notes of Strawberry, Watermelon, Violet, Vanilla and Chocolate

Coffee Facts


Finca La Cabana is located in El Agrado in Huila Department, Colombia. It's owned and operated by the Perez family, led by Gilberto and his son Danilo. Their focus is on quality and flavour and on achieving this through experimentation and innovation.  

 This coffee has undergone a stringent standardized selection process to ensure only cherries at the correct maturation are present. Over-ripes, underripes and dried cherries are all removed by hand. Then an anaerobic fermentation takes place for 200 hours in airtight plastic containers to ensure a homogenous fermentation has occurred throughout. Coffee is then dried on a small patio and parabolic beds.

The resulting coffee is rich in strawberry, watermelon and violet aromatics, there's a boozy backbone and juicy malic acidity finishing with vanilla sweetness and cocoa nibs.