Manhattan El Paraiso [DECAF]




Decaffeinated Thermal Shock Washed



Roast Profile


Taste Notes

Notes of Raspberry, white tea and Caramel 

Coffee Facts

We’re back with our second ever decaf, once again coming from Diego Bermudez!

We were able to source this directly from Diego and El Paraiso and we could not be more excited to bring this on to you all! Diego is a true legend of processing so when this decaf project came along, we had to jump in on it!

This coffee is a decaf variation of the “Diego Bermudez” thermal shock Castillo currently on our offerlist. The thermal shock process used for this coffee is a beautiful display of what Diego and his team have been able to innovate and achieve in coffee processing. The use of carefully selected local micro bio-organisms brings forward mind-blowing characteristics in the coffee which leaves you with a real drinking experience in the cup!

This coffee was decaffeinated by EA or Ethyl Acetate (also known as sugar cane process).

We were all very impressed by this one on the cupping table! You can expect notes of raspberry, white tea, and caramel!