Welcome to the June Dialled In Coffee Subscription guide where this month we have a whole host of new roasters joining us in the subscription.

We start by continuing our support of the Well Grounded social enterprise by including their partnership Impact Coffee with Notes Coffee Roasters from London. 

We then take a trip across the Irish Sea to feature our first coffee roaster from the Republic of Ireland in the subscription - Carrow Coffee Roasters from Sligo.

Finally, we head back across to Manchester to showcase Abe and Co and finish off in West Yorkshire with Dave Jameson's new coffee roastery Danelaw.

Don't forget to click the link to see the June Dialled In subscription coffee in more detail.

Remember, if there are any coffees you are not receiving in your subscription option but you like the look of, head over to the members area and add-on a bag or two.

Well Grounded x Notes (London, England) - Ethiopia Natural [SCA - 87]

Well Grounded iWell Grounded (Well Grounded Jobs C.I.C) is a social enterprise, founded in 2016 by award-winning social entrepreneur Eve Wagg. Born from a pilot project in East London, Well Grounded now runs 2 specialty coffee training academies (Tower Hamlets and King’s Cross, connecting people looking for work with sustainable careers in the coffee industry, regardless of their background.

They have partnered with Notes Coffee Roasters in London on this fantastic Ethiopia Natural-processed coffee from the Guji region with notes of Strawberry Milkshake and White Chocolate.

All our 'main subscription' members will be receiving this omni-roast to enjoy. 

Carrow Coffee Roasters (Sligo, Republic of Ireland) - Colombia Washed [SCA - 86]

We're note sure why we haven't take a trip over to the Republic of Ireland before, but we're very happy to introduce you to Andrew Willis and his Sligo-based coffee roastery - Carrow Coffee.

Andrew has sourced us a lovely washed Colombia from a farm belonging to a farmer he first met on a Q-Grader course over in Colombia. This super sweet coffee comes with notes of Red Grapes, Golden Raisins and Butterscotch an

Carrow split their roast profiles so all our 'main' subscription Filter and Assorted members will be receiving the Filter profile and our Espresso members will be getting the Espresso roast... we decided to do it this way around as the Filter roast was more forgiving on espresso than the espresso was on filter (for those of you that like to mix it up).

Abe and Co (Manchester, England) - East Timor Washed [SCA - 85]

Another new roaster to us this month is Guy Levine and his Abe and Co roastery over in Manchester.  We've been speaking with Guy for a while now trying to find just the right coffee to bring him in with.

We're very please that, after working closely with him this month we have selected this wonderfully juicy East Timor washed coffee with notes of Blackberry, Mango and Hibiscus

All our Bag 3 and Bag 4 'main' subscription members will be receiving this omni-roast coffee.

Danelaw (Holmfirth, England) - India Red Honey [SCA - 85]

We've known Dave Jameson for quite some time now, from back in his days at Grumpy Mule where he got us some truly amazing coffees and it's with great pleasure that we now introduce you to his new roastery - Danelaw.

Dave has found us an interesting Red Honey-processed coffee from the Ratnagiri estate in India.  This coffee has notes of Spiced Orange (i'm thinking cinnamon) and Milk Chocolate.

All our Bag 4 'main' subscription members will be receiving this coffee to enjoy. 

Dialled In Traditional

First up for our Traditional members is a single-origin Ecuador washed coffee from Abe and Co with notes of Milk Chocolate, Cherry and Raisin. 

Alongside that coffee is the Dgar blend from Danelaw, which is a blend of Brazil, Guatemala and Nicaragua coffees with notes of Milk Chocolate and Stone Fruit.

Dialled In Decaf 

Our decaf subscribers will once again be receiving a Colombia E.A. Decaffeinated double-act (we are trying to source other origins, honestly, but the quality is so much better with the Colombia decaf at the moment).

First is the La Plata decaf from Carrow with notes of Milk Chocolate and Malt alongside Danelaw's Nott from Tolima with notes of Milk Chocolate, Caramel and Orange.

Dave Morgan